August 30, 2013

Surviving Syllabus Week

Happy Friday, Blogland!!! I've never been happier to see a Friday, even though I have to head to work at 4 o'clock. The first week of school is almost over. And my sanity remained intact (for the most part). Tonight, I'm gonna get drunk go home from work and get my shit together for Tuesday so I can make the most of the long weekend.

Since I'm in my 19th year of school, I think it's safe to say that I'm an expert and getting the first week of school overwith. So I thought I'd put together a little how-to on making through the first week of classes, otherwise known as syllabus week. Read this, and then go grab a drink because the weekend is here and it's time to celebrate!

Step One: Books
Before you even think about buying your books from the school store, check out the plethora of rental and buyback sites to see if you can get it cheaper anywhere else. My friend Megan at Yammering Yankee wrote an awesome post about I legit saved myself $280 by renting this semester, and I don't have to worry about burning the textbooks when I'm done with them (kidding...kinda). Your school bookstore is going to charge you the absolute highest price because they know that college kids are lazy and don't want to do the footwork to find the cheapest price. RENT RENT RENT!

Step Two: Syllabi
If your professor posts the syllabus on Blackboard or whatever site before the class starts, print it! It makes it easier to follow along on the first day and it makes you look like less of an asshat because you don't have to raise your hand to say you don't have one. Also, you don't have to spend the entire first day of class by frantically scribbling notes about office hours and assignments. It's all in front of you.

Step Three: Be early
During the first week of classes, get to your classroom as early as possible. Make sure you get the seat you want and put up your flag to claim your territory.  No one wants to be stuck in the corner behind the tallest kid in the room, or in the dreaded front row. My chosen seat is usually in the second row (so I can Tweet unnoticed) in the left-handed desk (lefties ftw). God help the person who decides to take my seat after the first week of classes YOU WILL PAY.

Step Four: Make friends
If you're lucky like me, you've already scoped out which of your friends are in your classes so that when a professor says "find a partner" on the first day, you can happily avoid the creepy mouth-breather next to you. If you're not so lucky, start a conversation with someone who looks kinda decent before the professor even gets there.
Step Five: Caffeine!
We all know that when school starts, your sleeping schedule is going to make you hate your life be a hot mess. 5 days in and mine is not back to normal yet. I've been going to bed between 10 and 11 pm and my body still wants to stay up til 2 am. NOT COOL. I found out the hard way that it really, really doesn’t like waking up at 5 in the morning. To beat the morning and afternoon sleepiness, make sure you find the nearest Starbucks, Saxby's, or Seattle's Best and introduce yourself to espresso drinks. Or if you're cheap like me, you can be bff's with your travel mug and Keurig and save a shitton of moolah to use at the bar.

If all else fails, Google tropical beaches and cocktail recipes or take a nap. Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that it’s summer. Have a good semester and try to keep your cool. 14 weeks until finals!

Linking up with Whitney for the first time. It's Friday so #backthatazzup ! Gatsby came out on DVD this week so it's only fitting to use one of Jay-Z's new masterpieces.

XO - Monny


  1. omg the seat thing is key! I was always like the first person to get to class because if I didn't get the seat I wanted (or someone stole it!), my whole semester was ruined!

  2. I wish they had rental books when I was in school, I'd have saved a TON of money!

  3. Such good tips!! I start my last semester of college/my student teaching on Tuesday and have to wake up at 4:45am..BRING ON THE COFFEE!! Happy first week back!

  4. my sleep schedule definitely makes me hate my life! I should be sleeping right now, hahaha


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