April 18, 2013

A Not-so-bad Day

When I set my alarm last night, my phone said I had 4 hours and 1 minute to sleep. I was fed up, worn out, and run down from the ridiculous language intervention analysis project that I had been working in all week for today's due date. If you'd been assigned this project, you would be pulling you hair out too.
if  I never see another transcript summary again, it'll be too soon
Let's skip ahead to this morning. I checked my weather app and gritted my teeth at the rainy forecast, then grabbed my umbrella. When I got to the train station, the last thing I expected to see was this:
sunrise over the tracks

 I have to admit, it's really hard to hate the morning when you're greeted with a sunrise like this one.

My day got even better when 2 of my 3 professors let class out early, resulting in a spontaneous lunch date with Kim at Qdoba. YESSSS! 

At some point between lunch and 3pm, I lost my Owlcard, which wouldn't have been such a big deal if it didn't allow me to access all the academic buildings, my Diamond Dollars, and printing allocation. After freaking out for a good 10 minutes and retracing my steps, I discovered that some wonderful person found and turned my card into the desk at the computer lab. YES.

Dear awesome ID picker-upper, if you ever read this, I want thank you and hug you and tell you that I love you. Unless you're creepy, in which case I'll shake your hand, thank you kindly and walk away.

A mini coffee date with Kristo was the perfect way to end the day that I thought would be a bust.

Take-away message? Don't expect that a day will end badly if it starts out badly.

XO - Monnny

April 15, 2013

Wedding Singer

A couple months ago, my friend Tim asked me to sing at his coworker's wedding. I've only sung at a handful of weddings in the last few years so I was at a loss for what to wear. I knew I didn't want to clash with whatever colors the bride had picked out for her bridesmaids. I also had to wear something that was more formal than what I normally wear to sing at church, while still being modest.
I racked my brain for something to wear all last week, but couldn't really think of anything. When Saturday morning rolled around, I went out shopping with a last resort outfit picked out at home. After about an hour of shopping,  I found the little black dress! 

It was a wrap type dress so I didn't have to worry about it being to low-cut and it fell right below the knees. Perfect! 

I paired it with my black peep-toe pumps that have a cork heel, a simple pearl necklace, neutral eyeshadow and a sand/tan leather bag to hold my music and water bottles.
The ensemble was simple, yet pretty and professional. I can't wait to wear it again! 

XO- Monnny

Spring Things!

It's finally that time of year! The transition from Winter to Spring has ended. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and people are sneezing. The long-awaited Springtime is here! Before Spring Fever hits and professors assign massive end-of-the-semester projects, I thought I'd get my first actual blog post out of the way.

To celebrate the end of Winter, I compiled a list of my favorite things about Spring.

Warm Weather | Goodbye snow and biting cold air! The prodigal sun  has returned. Spring means it's time to trade in the wool socks and heavy flannel for flip-flops and cotton tees. Now I can come out of hibernation to sit outside and read a book (...or ten). You can always tell it's getting warmer when Beury Beach is packed with students trying to soak up some sun while they study.

a) pretty hyacinths  b) first flipflop day c) trees in bloom d) Beury Beach from above posted on TU's twitter

Cold Beverages | Along with warm weather comes cool drinks. Once the temps hit 50, I'm ready for Frappuccinos, Coolattas, and ice-cold sweet tea, not to mention frozen adult beverages (mango margarita, anyone?). There's nothing more relaxing than sitting on the back patio with a cold drink and my favorite people.  
a) Sand in Your Shorts from Red Robin b) Iced Chai Latte c) Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta d) fruity drink I made at the beach

Baseball | There's been a void in my heart since early November that can only be filled by the sounds of the national anthem playing, followed by the starting lineup on Opening Day*. I can't wait until I get out to the ballpark to see the Phillies play. After all, there's no place like home. 
*Seeing Chase Utley's butt in tight pants also helps fill the void.
a) Phillie Phanatic b) Citizens Bank Park  c) Chase Utley d) me at the game

Outdoor Activities | The best part about Spring is being able to do things outside...like actually do things. I love when it gets warm enough to go on bike rides and take walks along the river. Outdoor concert seasons start and you can do touristy things in the city because it's nice enough to walk everywhere. I'm hoping for a couple picnics in the park and  I can't wait to go mini-golfing. I just love Spring weather!

shenanigans from last Spring

What are your favorite things about Spring ???

XO - Monnny
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