October 8, 2014

Walk This Way

In 2008, my aunt was diagnosed with Ph+ Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. I remember the phone call as if it happened yesterday. I just sat in shock while my mom explained everything over the phone. As soon as I hung up, tears rolled down my cheeks. "Aunt Theresa has Leukemia. Blood Cancer. I could lose her. Her family could lose her."

Flash forward 6 years. We were lucky. We didn't lose her. Aunt Theresa is still here - living, working, fighting, surviving. She's a survivor. She's here because she has hope. She's here because of generous donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that have enabled researchers to develop new medications to treat her. She's here because people show support and walk to find a cure for blood cancers.

There are still plenty of people who need support and we need your help. Don't "get around to it someday." Someday is today. Walk with us. Donate. Spread awareness about Leukemia and all blood cancers. Share this post. Whatever you do, do something. Talk is cheap - try a little action.

Please consider helping me reach my goal to stomp out blood cancer!

10 Years From Now

Dear Monica,
Holy crap, you've accomplished so much since the last time we talked! Congrats on your doctorate and finally getting married to that stud Kristo. I love that you guys stuck together through all those crazy years of high school, college, and grad school. I hope he's not still trying to put cinnamon on your scrambled eggs. 

I heard you and Court are going to open your own practice. See? I told you all the misery of waiting for the future was worth it!

Remember when you were younger and wanted to have 6 kids and mom told you that you would change your mind? At least she didn't say "I told you so" when you decided to stop at 3. They're adorable little nuggets and so well-behaved! I'm so incredibly happy that you're achieving you dreams and doing what you love every day. 

It's pretty cool that you're still blogging! It'll be great to look back and read about everything that got you to where you are today.

It's been fantastic catching up, but I gotta run! Give Kristo a kiss for me, I'll see you in 10 years.


The Daily Tay
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