October 1, 2014

Scratch Offs and Powerballs

Oh hey, a blog post! (with a possibly questionable title) Two very cool ladies are hosting a month long linkup called...#Blogtober14. What did you say? A month where I don't have to come up with a topic of my own?! Mmmm tempting. Maybe I'll participate! Yep, definitely! 

Today's post is about winning the lottery. Hell yeah, I'd do that! I'd probably have to actually play it to win, though. I'm not good at handing over money for nothing in return, but I am good at scratch offs that other people buy!
Winner, winner, $3 chicken dinner
I usually don't daydream about scenarios like this because "what are the chances," but...

If I won the Lottery, I'd:

.pay off my student loans as well as my siblings' best friends' and Kristo's

.pay off my parents' mortgage

.buy myself a brand new car...or two

.buy a house

.make a huge donation to my church

.have the big Irish wedding I want (bagpiper and harpist included)

.open college funds for my not-yet-existent kids

.invest...I guess. Yeah, Kristo would definitely make me invest it.

EDIT: Nicole pointed out that my list was sensible and that's boring so I'm gonna add a few more things to my wish list!

.buy a pub
.hire a massage therapist
.buy a party bus for my extended family

What would you do/buy/own if you won?

The Daily Tay


  1. invest... I GUESS. That's what my brain said too. Like, yeah, B would probably want to do that.

  2. i would buy ALL OF THE THINGS from target! actually, i would just buy a target. then i would get ALL OF THE THINGS for free all the time. that's how it works right?
    sensible has never been one of my strong suits.. your list is much more sensible. haha.

  3. Damn Kristo and his responsible shit. hahahaha

  4. Definitely a new wardrobe.
    The party bus idea is pretty sweet too!

    Gem x

  5. love the edit! not that loans and college funds aren't important, but clothes hello! and beer, love it! :)


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