October 4, 2014


Saturday isn't over yet. I still have time to post so I can continue with the Blog[everyday in Oc]tober14 thing. (See what I did there?) What was I talking about? Oh yeah Insta Blogtober - your favorite photo posted on Instagram.

One of the best things about Instagram (aside from the fact that you can use pictures to make your life seem a lot more interesting than it is) is that you can make almost any photo look great by adding a filter, or five, to it. You can kick our blemishes, make the room seem brighter, or make yourself look like you're in a film noir. I had a really really difficult time picking one out of my 811 Instagram photos so I picked two.

The reason these are my favorites is that I didn't even need to add a filter - there was no light adjustment, no saturation boosting, no contrast toggled. They're just pure and beautiful shots. One is sunrise and the other, sunset. The serene early morning and the smooth transition to night - the bookends of the day.

I think this will go down in (blog) history as one of my favorite posts.

The Daily Tay


  1. This has lots of deep meaning and excellent writing. You're great.


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