October 2, 2014

I Dream of Jobs

Good morning, world! I'm an hour ahead of schedule today so my options are A. blog or B. do math. Blogging won by a longshot. Day 2 of #blogtober14 is all about my dream job.

When I was little, I stereotypically wanted to do a hundred different jobs. I mean, if Barbie could be a pilot, teacher, and model, why not me? I bounced between teacher, waitress (lol), and pastry chef . While in high school, I flipped back an forth between museum curator and Spanish translator, and then to speech pathologist.  

Nowadays, my dream job is to open my own audiology practice after I get my doctorate and work in the field for a while. Someday, I'll be my own boss and work to protect and promote hearing health of my patients. I don't know when it will happen, but I'm extremely excited for the future!

My fantasy dream job posting would go something like this

-highly motivated individual who is not always highly motivated
-ideal employee must enjoy binge-watching series on Netflix
-must be open to trying new foods and desserts

duties include:
-testing new tea and coffee flavors
-reviewing YA novels
-watching Harry Potter and LOTR
-surfing the internet

-salary is $200,000/year
-hours are flexible
-paid civic and religious holidays
-work from home
-appropriate attire: sweatpants and hoodies


The Daily Tay


  1. Yep. That sounds like a pretty solid job to me! Let me know if you find that career anywhere :)

  2. LOVE that you made this into a job search. I'd hire you in an instant!

  3. I would like to apply to that same job!

  4. Love this!! Let me know where you get hired to do this then sign me up :)

  5. I totally wanted to be everything that Barbie was at some point growing up. And that sounds like the absolute best job posting!

  6. If only paid civic and religious holidays AND wearing sweatpants and hoodies went hand-in-hand! I would be all over that job!

    Great post :)

  7. If there's ever a job like that, I need info STAT. I mean, I'd totally give anything to be there. Dream!
    Stopping by from #Blogtober14
    Love, Somdyuti


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