April 15, 2013

Wedding Singer

A couple months ago, my friend Tim asked me to sing at his coworker's wedding. I've only sung at a handful of weddings in the last few years so I was at a loss for what to wear. I knew I didn't want to clash with whatever colors the bride had picked out for her bridesmaids. I also had to wear something that was more formal than what I normally wear to sing at church, while still being modest.
I racked my brain for something to wear all last week, but couldn't really think of anything. When Saturday morning rolled around, I went out shopping with a last resort outfit picked out at home. After about an hour of shopping,  I found the little black dress! 

It was a wrap type dress so I didn't have to worry about it being to low-cut and it fell right below the knees. Perfect! 

I paired it with my black peep-toe pumps that have a cork heel, a simple pearl necklace, neutral eyeshadow and a sand/tan leather bag to hold my music and water bottles.
The ensemble was simple, yet pretty and professional. I can't wait to wear it again! 

XO- Monnny

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  1. YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! That dress is the best thing. For real.


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