August 4, 2013

Desperate Times Call for Shaved Llamas

Day 4: Today's Prompt Is: Favorite Summer Traditions/Activities.
My favorite summer activity is waking up early while it's still cool out and sitting on the back patio with my tea and Kindle. It's such a relaxing way to start off my day. This year, however, no one(including myself) has felt like cleaning off our table and chairs. So I sleep in and by the time I make tea, I hate myself because it's so hot out.

I think I'll make that my goal this week. With Blogland as my witness, I will get my shiz together and drink tea outside!

Sorry for the lame post. Geez, let me find a picture to make up for it.
And if the shaved llama didn't tickle your fancy, there's always this video of Kristin Chenoweth singing about Anthony Weiner's weiner.

XO - Monny
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