August 22, 2013

Rhymes with Bendy's

Hey Peeps!

I've been kinda bummed this week because my summer officially ends on Sunday night. Classes start on Monday. This is the first year I'm not super excited to get back to school. LAME.

I was organizing my Google Drive files when I came across something that made my week 10x better. I found a note that I wrote about work in 2011, about a week before I quit my last job. It makes me happy that I'm not in a place like this anymore. I may complain about my job now, but at least I feel safe when I go into work every day (usually). And I can tolerate my coworkers (usually).

Keep in mind that I was with this company (and their annoying redheaded mascot) for almost three years. I had seen and heard everything I needed to. Even from my first week there, I thought that it was "beneath me," but I was 17 and desperate for a job that would mold the schedule to my every whim when I went away to school.

So here it is. My angry, fed-up "time to find a new job" letter.

Calling all strippers, ex-cons, and drug addicts: WE'RE HIRING!
I'm sorry, but I don't think it's too much to expect a little more from a company whose slogan claims 
that they're "waaay better than fast food." 

Apparently re-frying chicken that is more than 5 hours old and passing it off as fresh is acceptable now.

Using dirty utensils to serve cheese sauce? Acceptable.

People who steal multiple chicken sandwiches to bring home to their family everyday? Acceptable.

Hiring heroin addicts who are exotic dancers as their night job and letting them handle money? Acceptable.

Dumping buckets of water on the toilets to clean them at night? Acceptable.

Centipedes crawling around the floor and flies landing on condiments? Acceptable.

Shift supervisors with parole officers who drop the f-bomb in front of customers? Also acceptable.

Restaurant managers who get high on their smoke break? Acceptable.

General Managers who see all of this and ignore it? Definitely acceptable.


It's pretty sad when I can't even trust my coworkers to make a sandwich for me during my break. I won't even eat something unless I know I've personally prepared every single ingredient. I can't even wrap my head around the fact that this is okay to them.

Eat at your own risk.

This totally makes me appreciate my current job and everything it allows me to do. I know this kind of stuff doesn't happen everywhere, but I'm sure it happens in a few places. Always check your food before you eat.

What are your first job horror stories?

XO - Monny

P.S.- Since this post is photo-less, here are some rare gems from the "pictures that should probably never meet the internet" file.
being gangsta  //   in the wardrobe of my dorm room

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  1. ICK, I had that place yesterday and now I want to go get my stomach pumped. :(


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