August 8, 2013

Why is Nicholas Cage on the Air Duct?

Guys, I'm on my 7th post of the NEB Network August Blogging Challenge!!! By the time I'm finished this post I'll have blogged for a week straight. What what? Yeah I'm pretty sure a pig just flew by my window.

AHEM, anyway here is today's yesterday's blog post.

Day 7: Today's Prompt Is: What is your favorite summer destination?

My favorite summer destination isn't really a getaway destination. Since I already wrote about the shore, I picked my favorite restaurant that I only get time to go to in the summer. It's an old-fashioned diner/soda fountain called The Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ. I just went here with Sarah after singing at church on Sunday so I have tons of photos to share.

 Their menu is like a newspaper and the dessert menu is like a TV Guide. They have like 5234 different grilled cheeses, omelets and pancakes. We split a "Hot Pot" buffalo chicken dip because duh, buffalo chicken dip. And I got a bangin' omelet with bacon and swiss cheese.
Sarah and I stuffed ourselves until we had food babies, which we promptly named Irvin (hers)and Matilda (mine). We decided that they were going to grow up and get married and we'd be in-laws!

As I was taking in the decor of the restaurant, I looked up at the air duct. What I didn't expect was to see Nicholas Cage's creepy ass face staring back at me. WHATTT?
I love the main street that The Pop Shop is on. It has a ton of other restaurants and cute boutiques. Sarah and I went into a consignment called FrΓΌgal, which apparently, we like because we both left with something. I bought a scarf that originally sold at Nordstrom for $6.99. WHOOP, I love a bargain. Sarah got a cute teacher skirt.

That's it! My favorite summer destination.

XO - Monny

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