August 27, 2013

Where is the Wifi?!

Guess what! I survived the first day back to school. I love love love my American Sign Language class and the fact that my friend Kim and I get to be partners for every task. I learned how to ask someone for their name and to tell them mine. And shapes and stuff. The entire class was taught in ASL so it was very quiet. I didn't realize how difficult it would be for me to keep my mouth shut the whole time. Thank God for a 15 minute break in the middle. I needed to exercise my mouth haha. I'm so not used to not talking. Like hello?

Here's a little preview of me having no clue what I'm doing practicing.

I should probably work on my facial expressions since I look like a zombie.

Also, since I can't live-tweet my Statistics class due to NO INTERWEBZ in the basement, I wrote down all my thoughts yesterday.
  • Why are most non-traditional students so weird?
  • If this asshat behind me doesn't stop kicking my seat, I'm gonna curbstomp his face.
  • Look at those ratchet nails on the chick next to me.
  • "Humans are bad at math."
  • People still use the Cornell method?
  • "Zeus could tell you the parameters, but we don't know for sure."
I know you're sad that I couldn't tweet all that.

Hope you're enjoying the last couple weeks of Summer!

XO - Monny

P.S.- Happy 15th anniversary of the release of  HP and the Sorcerer's Stone!


  1. And that is precisely why I do not want to go back for another bachelors...I don't want to be another weird non traditional student lol

  2. I am sooo jealous! I have always wanted to learn sign language! Have you seen Switched at Birth? I love that show and I've learned quite a bit. It may help you learn to understand what other people are saying. To be thats the hardest part!

  3. I'm so jealous! I really wanted to take an ASL class in college but it never fit in my schedule! I remember some stuff from elementary school at least, like all of the letters.

  4. I love your "live tweets" from statistics class, I'd have wanted to read everyone!

  5. my husband is going to be non-traditional in the spring, I will ask him to kindly not be weird!

  6. Womp. I'm the non-traditional student in my business stats class, haha! Mostly because my undergrad didn't even sort of require any business classes, and now that I want to get my MBA, I need to take it. Oops. Don't worry, I wasn't weird. I don't think, anyways. Haha!

    Don't worry - I've already typed out my observations of "kids these days" (kind of) from the perspective of a grad student - who has been out of college for almost 6 years - in an undergrad class. Haven't posted it yet, though ;)

    Jealous of your sign language class - I've always wanted to learn! Do you need it for your major, or is it just a "for fun" type of class?



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