August 3, 2013

"You'll Be Fine," They Said

I'm on a roll with this blogging challenge, guys and gals! I'm actually writing this before 2 am. What has gotten into me?!

Day 3: Today's Prompt Is: What is the worst advice you've ever received?

This is a hard one, I had to rack my brain for like two whole minutes before I reached a memory. The worst advice I've ever received was last year on my 21st birthday. I was leaving for the shore the next morning at the ass crack of dawn and I really didn't want to get smashed. Keep in mind that I'm half shot in the ass after 3 beers. But alas, after a chocolate covered pretzel shot, a chocolate cake shot, and 2 pineapple mojitos, someone - I don't remember who, told me to get a liquid marijuana shot. In my alcohol-induced stupor, my subconscious was like "yeah, that sounds like a great idea." Well, guess what. IT WAS A BAD DECISION. I probably would've been fine, but then my idiot subconscious decided that we should have another one. And bad things happened. Mostly, I puked everywhere. I did wake up the next day and was less hungover than I thought I'd be, but I and my subconscious learned a valuable lesson. 
Liquid Marijuana...bad shizz
Life lesson: don't listen to my drunk subconscious, unless you feel like barfing errywhere.

XO - Monny
Blogging Challenge

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