August 5, 2013

"I Shouldn'ta Told Yeh That!"

Day 5: Today's prompt is: 10 Things you shouldn't know about me, but I'm going to tell you!

This is not my favorite prompt, but I'm being a good blogger(but not really because this shiz should've been posted last night). Here are 10 things I don't tell just anyone. Once again, 10 awesome points for whoever gets the title reference.

1. I don't shave my legs on a normal basis because I'm lazy. At least I know Meg and Juliette won't judge me.

2. I still sleep with a stuffed monkey that Kristo bought me 5 years ago. His name is Nanners. Try not to judge.

3.I also wear a nightguard to sleep so I don't grind my teeth and/or bite my tongue off.

4. I recently broke up with one of my "best friends" - a girl I've been friends with for 12 years because she always expected me to be there for her through all her petty drama and life "problems," which I was. However, she refused to even send a text to acknowledge the fact that my grandmom died.  
5. I have certain people who I only talk to every once in a while just to stay on their good side.

6. An easy way to kill me is to feed me watermelon. Throat swelling yeah.

7. The first time I got drunk was when I was 19. My bff Amy and I watched (500) Days of Summer and drank vodka and juice in our dorm room. It ended with us giggling loudly and yelling at my computer screen.

8. My sister and I still fist-fight at the mature ages of 22 and 20. It's easier to settle arguments by beating the crap out of each other. No one's been seriously injured...yet.

9. I hate to say it, but I often find myself judging people for what they wear and how they act in church. I'm sorry, but booty shorts are not appropriate. Never will be.

10. It is impossible for me to keep my room clean for more than one day. I've tried and failed more times than I can count.

Hopefully this list doesn't make you run for the hills. I'm not that bad, I swear!

Thanks for reading!
XO - Monny

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  1. 1. I haven't shaved my legs in about two weeks and I refuse to apologize for that.
    2. I sleep with a stuffed duck named Mr. Quackers! I got him when I was 15.
    3. I can't relate to this.
    4. Have done this before, you're better off without her, as sad as that is.
    5. Totally not judging you for this one.
    6. This is so sad.
    7. That sounds like a perfect first drunk experience!
    8. Not judging you for this, either.
    9. I don't blame you for doing this.
    10. We're twins with this, also.

    1. OMG this is such a thorough reply! I love it. Yay for sleeping with stuffed animals! It is really sad that I can't eat watermelon, it's like I miss out on the whole summer experience.

  2. Umm this post made me heart you even more!!! love that you and your sister still fist fight. Me and my sister are 8 years apart and we would fist fight too if I didn't out weigh her by 50 lbs lol. We didn't start getting along until we were both over the drinking age lol. Funny how that works out. Also this is pretty much my post for tomorrow lol!

    1. Aw yay! My sister is bigger than me (and a better fighter) so she usually wins, but we don't fight as often as we used to. She turns 21 in March so maybe it will be like you and your sister with the drinking age, haha. Can't wait to read your post later!

  3. Been there with the friend thing--it's the worst. Sometimes you just gotta let people go....and it sucks. This is such an adorable post.

    1. Thanks Ashten! It's so weird not having to worry about saving face like everything is okay, but it's a thousand times less stressful.

  4. Yeah booty shorts do not belong in church. And sorry about the watermelon- that's sucks! And Harry potter for the post title- do I get 10 points?? :). (Hagrid to be more specific!)

    1. Yeah I sing at church so I can see like everything everyone wears from the front. It's insane what some people think is okay. 10 points for HP :)

  5. Seriously ... #9 - I TOTALLY AGREE!!!

    1. Thank you - I'm so glad people still agree with that.

  6. My best friend and I had been inseparable for like 10 years and now we haven't talked since high school graduation (for similar sounding reasons)--so I totes get that. I love the picture you have with it. haha. Also the church thing. My mom would never let us wear anything above the knee to church, and I still don't. My sister and I always judge people who we say think they are "too cool for church".. like just don't come. ha.

    1. And yes, I'm stalking your blog. ha.

  7. Ok, but SERIOUSLY my bff had her ex bff do the same thing when her grandma died... how are people so mean and just... mean.

    And when I was little it was a rule in our house that I wasn't allowed to hit my brother until he could hit back. He learned how to hit back at a reaaaaally young age :)


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