August 14, 2013

Lieby Lieby

I've been nominated for two, count'em TWO Liebster awards! I'd like to thank Kelli and Lorelai for being so sweet and nominating me.

There are too many sets of rules floating around for me to follow any of them so I'll just do what's easiest. The Rules:

  1. Answer the 11 questions the person who tagged nominated you asks
  2. Tag Nominate 11 other small blogs
  3. Create 11 questions they will answer
  4. Let them know you tagged nominated them
...and I'm adding the 11 facts from Lorelai's rules.

Eleven Random Facts about Me
  1. Last year When I was younger, I punched a kid. 
  2. I get itchy when I'm tired. Like I scratch my torso before I go to bed and when I wake up.
  3. My big toes stick up like hitchhiker's thumbs.
  4. I like to sing people's names when they don't hear me say it the first time.
  5. Some textures and consistencies of certain foods make me gag.
  6. When I get super stressed out with school, I get really bad panic attacks where I black out.
  7. I stopped using shampoo in the beginning of July and I love my hair now. No-poo for the win!
  8. I like characters in Harry Potter more than some of my own family members.
  9. I made a promise to myself yesterday that my future home will not have carpeted stairs.
  10. I don't drive. I can't afford it and to be honest, it scares the crap out of me. After being a passenger in an accident 6 years ago, I still tense up when I other vehicles driving towards the car I'm in.
  11. I can't stand it when people tell me they don't like to read. I just don't get it.
Now for the interview (I'm using Kelli's because she nominated me first).
  1. If you could live anyplace in the world (or not) where would you live? I'd love to spend some time in Spain, Rome, and Ireland for a little while.
  2. What is your dream job? Audiologist! Hopefully I get to realize that dream after applying to grad schools this semester.
  3. Why did you start blogging? I needed a new hobby and I loved reading other people's blogs.
  4. Where did your blog name come from?It came from me drinking tea too fast to enjoy it and then looking down into the empty teacup
  5. What is your favorite cold weather activity? Snuggling up in a blanket with a cup of tea and reading a book.
  6. If someone gave you $1000 what would you splurge on? (You can’t pay bills with this money) New clothes or Lasik Surgery if I'm brave enough.
  7. What is one beauty staple you can’t live without? Eyeliner
  8. What is your favorite blogging tool? PicMonkey
  9. Do you read the book or wait for the movie? Read the book always.
  10. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Hmm, when school starts, I'll be a morning person, but in the summer I'ma major night owl.
  11. Coke or Pepsi? Not a fan of soda, but Pepsi
 Blog Nominees! Oops! It's 2 am so I'm gonna say please use the questions I answered :)


Day 14: Today's prompt is: What is your favorite place to visit in the Northeast?

Okay so yesterday's post got me talking about Philadelphia which is my favorite place in the Northeast. I love my city, I really do. I love the culture, the sports, the food. I love the history and the role Philly played in the birth of the USA. It's the only place I really want to live. I love going to Center City to eat and see a show or to window shop on South Street.

I mean look at this skyline! C'mon now.

Logan Square // Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter  & Paul
XO - Monny

Blogging Challenge


  1. Thanks for nominating me! Random questions are always fun to answer! :)
    I also tense up when in other people's cars due to being in multiple accidents as a passenger. Grrrr
    Go for the Lasik - totally worth it! I did it 2 years ago and it has changed my life!

    1. No problem, can't wait to see your answers. Hopefully someday I'll get the Lasik. I'm so sick of glasses and contacts.

  2. I'm also a Philly girl, I love this town! I love looking at City Hall every day on the way to work.

    Stopping by from Northeast Bloggers.

    1. Philly girls are the best, clearly haha. That's awesome that you get to see City Hall on the way to work everyday. I love part of town, minus the tourists who stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

  3. Harry Potter characters are awesome, I really want to attend Hogwarts too!

    1. YES and YES! Still waiting for my letter

  4. hahaha- when I was younger I slapped a girl. And didn't get in trouble for it because I was an honor roll student with a teacher parent and I cried in the guidance counselors office. Plus we all knew she deserved it.

    1. This little brat was probably 9-11ish. He came up to me a block off-campus and punched me in the arm hard after screaming "punch buggy no punchbacks." Like I'm tiny, I don't have anything to absorb that blow and it really hurt. So I punched him back. His mom was too busy screaming at and chasing her other kid to even notice. Punk.

    2. And I don't blame you, good work getting out of trouble!

  5. you punched a kid, you're my new hero


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