August 6, 2013

Life's a Beach

Happy Tuesday, Blogland!
The best part about today is that Monday is over(and PLL is on tonight, duh)!

Day 6: Today's prompt is: Everyone has a favorite beach...describe yours and why you like it so much.

I love any and all beaches, so this post should be easy peasy. If I had to pick one beach, I'd say the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. I love how the sand is soft and clean and the walk from the boardwalk to the ocean isn't far at all. I like the fact that the locals don't act like jerks to you because you're not one of them.

I really love that there aren't any dead jellyfish or seaweed flopping around the water that make me think I'm swimming in a Shark Week special...or a Syfy special for that matter. (Sharknado? Really though?)

The best part about the beaches in Sea Isle is that no one goes on after sunset. Seriously. I love running around the beach like a madwoman when no one's around to witness it. I can chase seagulls and cartwheel in the sand til the cows come home. Oh, and it's nice for long romantic walks. How cliche, right?
If I ever made it to this beach, I'm sure it would be my new favorite.

What is your favorite beach like?

XO - Monny
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  1. Happy Tuesday! Your beach sounds heavenly! My favorite beach would have to be the Moke beach, North Shore, Oahu. It's the one where they filmed the first scenes of the TV show Lost. It's my favorite because it was only a few miles from our house and it was like yours- only a few to no people there. Empty beaches provide so much room for activities! :)

    1. Wow, Moke beach sounds like heaven too! That's so cool that you live right near where Lost was filmed. I remember when it was first on tv - I watched it religiously. Empty beaches are the best!

  2. I shared a picture of my favorite beach, totally deserted and covered in driftwood. Enjoy your late night sand cartwheels!

    1. Looks beautiful! Deserted beaches are so peaceful, I hope I can get back there this year.

  3. Looks beautiful! Deserted beaches are so peaceful, I hope I can get back there this year.


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