August 11, 2013

When in Doubt, Pinky Out

After 28 posts, I finally get around to talking about tea. Haha.

Day 10: Today's prompt is: Summer Cooking
Okay so today's post is summer cooking. I refuse to cook anything in the summer, mostly because it's too damn hot to stand and cook for however long it takes to cook things. I will, however drop everything like a hot potato to make some delicious tea. And I don't wanna hear any of that "making tea isn't really cooking" nonsense. It involves measurements, ingredients, and turning on a stove - it's cooking.

This shiz is easy peasy so if you don't know to make a decent cup of tea yet, get ready to learn.

You'll need your most beloved cup/mug/tumbler, some tea (le duh), and sugar (the weird looking chunks are German rock sugar).

Step One: Fill half of tea strainer with tea that you wanna drankkk. I drink earl grey creme, which is a black tea so I put in 1 tsp per 8oz of water. Yeah, unfortunately you have to use a little bit of math skills. (ignore this step if you're using a tea bag)

Step Two: Pop your tea strainer or teabag into empty cup/mug/tumbler. I mean empty - no water, no milk, no sugar.

Step Three: Pour hot water over strainer/teabag. Let that sucker steep for a good three minutes. If you're like me, stick your nose all up in it and take a deep whiff. Mmmm tea.

Step Four: Take out strainer/teabag and doctor it up to your liking. Add sugar, milk, honey, lemon, or nothing at all. Put your pinky out and take a sip, then applaud yourself for making such a bangin' cup of tea.
Step Five: Sit down on the couch or in bed and turn on some trashy tv, or not-so-trashy in this particular case(Hello, Celtic Woman on PBS).
Step Six: Sip your tea, drink your tea, love your tea.
Step Seven: Be a tiny bit sad when you realize it's gone.
 Hope you enjoy!

XO - Monny
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  2. Alright, let me try this one more time and see if auto-correct will leave it alone! Great post! I see you have the German rock sugar. Were the Teavana people correct? Does it really make a difference in the taste of tea? And super cute strainer!

    1. I wouldn't say it actually makes the tea taste better, but I'd say you don't have to use as much of the rock sugar as regular sugar to get the sweetness you want. Hope that helps!

  3. Ha! This is too cute! I always tell myself that I need to drink more tea.. but I usually only get to it in the winter and/or when I have a really sore throat. My mom always told me to add honey and it will make my throat better - I'm not sure if this is *actually* true, but there's just something about it that is super comforting!

    I adore your tea strainer!


    1. I definitely drink more tea in the winter than summer. I almost can't wait until it gets cool again. I think I've heard that honey has bacteria-fighting properties in it so your mom is probably right! :)


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