August 29, 2013

Gratitude: week 5

This week has been crazy, with getting ready for school to start and failing trying to get back into the swing of things, I haven't been posting to Instagram with my usual enthusiasm. Also, this post is a day late (blame the interwebz). Better late than never, amirite?

I love doing this prompt every week or so because it helps me to appreciate the little things in my life. Even when I think I don't have much to be grateful for, I can look back and realize I'm being a spoiled brat and quit it.

One. Old school diners with soda fountains and wall postings being snarky...and bacon pancakes. BACON. PANCAKES.

Two. Grateful for the fact that I'm actually really good at painting my own nails. It saves me a ton of money, not having to get a manicure every 2 weeks.

Three. My sister and I can look like idiots and still have the best time. Also grateful for 25 cent mustaches from gumball machines. HOLLA.

Four. After 5 and a half years, this guy still likes me no matter how many times I make this face/yell at him. True love.

Five. Friends who stick around for 16+ years no matter how often we see each other.

Six. Late night trips to the diner with my favorites and for bread pudding, which never fails to disappoint.

Find your peace of mind.

XO - Monny

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  1. all of this is awesome espeically the food you are making my mouth water!

  2. I'm also grateful for your #2 thing on a daily basis! Though my obsession may have ended up costing me more than a bi-weekly mani/pedi budget would have cost... oops!


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