September 1, 2013

I Should Be Ashamed

Bloggers and Bloggettes,

I'm sitting on the couch with Kristo last night and we flip to HBO, which is playing The Day After Tomorrow. Nincompoop tells me he's never seen it so I forced him to abandon the remote and leave it on, even though it's "not [his] kind of movie." 

This got me thinking about movies that I should probably be ashamed of not seeing. I know there are a bajillion I haven't watched yet, but I'm just gonna list the most well-known and the ones I've gotten flack for not seeing.

ONE: The Sixth Sense
I have seen every part of this movie, but never in the same sitting. I know the plot, the back story, and the surprise twist, but I've never seen the whole thing at the same time. Take that Bruce Willis.

TWO: Rocky
I know, I know, this classic film takes place in my city. It doesn't mean that I wanna watch a guy who talks like he has shit in his mouth get his face effed up in every other scene. All I need to know about this one is that the Rocky Theme is great workout music.
I can't stop laughing at this. Can't stop, won't stop.

THREE: Anchorman
I really just don't like Will Ferrell. This is also why I haven't seen Step Brothers or Talladega Nights.

FOUR: Pretty Woman
I've also seen clips of this one and I know the storyline, but I've never seen all parts combined. Something about hookers and businessmen. And Richard Gere. Mmm, Richard Gere.

If only I were 30 years older.
FIVE: American Pie
Don't judge me, obviously my 8 year old self wasn't allowed to see this when it first came out. I never really had a desire to see it after that but I know it was one of the "iconic" movies of the time. I did see American Wedding if that floats your boat so I'm not totally in the dark.

If anyone would like to hold me down and force me to watch one of these, hit me up! I'll be the one running the other way.

What movies are you ashamed of not having seen?!

XO - Monny

P.S.-  Happy Labor Day! What better way is there to celebrate work than not working?


  1. No joke, I have never seen: Goonies or Forrest Gump. I'm often told I didn't have a complete childhood.

  2. FINALLY! I have found someone else in this world who is not a huge Will Ferrell fan! Though I do really enjoy the movie Elf - but probably because of Zooey Deschanel, if I'm being honest.

    My list of movies I've never seen that everyone else has would be truly pathetic - yours isn't even that bad! It includes some that *everyone* has seen, and maybe I saw them when I was under 5 years old and can't remember, but how can that count anyways?!

  3. I've never seen Rocky either! I have seen the others though :-)

  4. I am taking you and everyone in these comments and forcing you to stay in my living room until you've seen some of these movies. Although, I will admit I have never seen titanic.

  5. I have never seen anchorman either! People think I live under a rock!

  6. I haven't seen Rocky all the way through either. I'm also always embarrassed to admit I haven't seen Star Wars or Star Trek. They seem like movies everyone else has seen!

  7. I've never seen Rocky...and I don't think I have seen Sixth Sense in its entirety. I'm ok with it. Also- pretty sure I wasn't allowed to watch American Pie either and ended up seeing it at a friends house- such a rebel.

  8. I've never seen Rocky or American Pie either. American Pie came out when I was a teenager and practically my whole cohort saw it. I wasn't into crude humour at the time but I think I might like it now. The movie I get a hard time about not seeing is The Shawshank Redemption and Schindlers List.

  9. There are so many iconic movies I haven't seen - like The Godfather. I know, I know. But you really should watch Anchorman and American Pie! They both are sooo funny! I'm not a fan of "stupid funny" like make you feel like an idiot after you watch it, but these are just awesome


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