September 27, 2013

I Hate Facebook

Happy Friday!

I'm so happy I made it through this week! All that's standing between me and Irish Shenanigans Celtic Fest 2013 is Stat class, work, and one sleep!

Back to today's #Blogtember post. I'm supposed to be writing an anonymous letter to my Facebook friends, but I hate letters. Instead you get

"Click LIKE if you love God, keep scrolling if you love the devil." These posts drive me batshit insane. If I want to prove I love God, I'm sure I can find another way to let Him know. I don't need to use Facebook to do it. I'm pretty sure He doesn't have a Facebook anyway.

Math problems. If I want to do math, I'll start my stat homework. I don't need to put my answer in the comments for no one to see. This is social media, not Algebra I.

Game requests. No I don't want to play Candy Crunch, Shitville, Diaper Dash, or Vampire Mafia. I have more important things to do than sit on my ass racing to serve fake customers lemonade or burnt souffle.

Drama queens. There is nothing worse than the girl/guy who starts shit on Facebook, only to post a status saying that they're "so done with people who cause drama." YOU CAUSE ALL OF IT. If you don't want people to know about how much drama is in your life, you probably should post every insignificant life problem on Facebook.

Diary entries. We the people do not need to know every single detail of your day. This is the real world - people just don't care that much. If you want to document your day, create an online diary and write in it for you. We don't care how many calories you consumed today or what color your underwear is. Anyone who cares that much will text you or call you on the phone. Spare us, please.

My brain has it's own file folder for stuff I hate about Facebook, so this probably won't be the last post you'll read about it. And as usual...
I know you hate Facebook too, let's talk about it in the comments!
XO - Monny

Linking up with a hungover Princess Whitney for #backthatazzupFriday !

In honor of the Irish Weekend I'm about to experience, here's one of my favorite Celtic Woman songs!

Spanish Lady by Celtic Woman on Grooveshark


  1. I really hate Facebook! It is way worse than all other social media!

  2. First off, I just clicked on your blog today so I have no idea what celtic fest is or where it is and why on Earth I am not there! Love Irish tests, or anything Irish... As for facebook. I am with you on it. What's really bugging me lately is people thinking facebook is pinterest... so annoying!

  3. I also do not like the “ if you believe in god” posts. Sometimes I just want to post “ Way to go Devil cuz I’m scrolling fool!” Another post I don’t like is the “ if I get 10000 likes I can get…” I am sure one day I am going to come across the “ If I get 45000000 likes God will visit me.” post. Thank you for letting me rant with you.

  4. This is so spot on!! Those scroll if you hate God things drive me crazy! And the people that post that they hate drama are usually the people who cause drama, just sayin..

  5. For people who constantly post pictures that offer me a choice of "like or share" I tend to make a different choice. Ignore or block. I'm not very popular on Facebook for some reason...

  6. oh my god this is so accurate, I think people forget that they are putting this stuff out there to the world! future employers, future dates / spouses, future spouse's family members. so embarassing! Also I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell since I didn't like that post today, glad I wont be alone

  7. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check it out! :)

  8. I don’t like the Facebook posts where someone says “I wasn’t talking about you but if the shoe fits” so passive aggressive and cowardly. Seriously Facebook brings out the worst in people.


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