September 26, 2013

Tea Makes Me Happy

Good morning, loveys!

Today's #Blogtember prompt is to go to a coffee shop and write about what makes me happy. The baristo just called me for my salted caramel mocha and I am ready to roll (I started this post last week, so I'm not actually at a coffee shop this morning).

One thing that makes me happy is a bangin' list so guess what format this post is going to be?

TEA - I love anything and everything to do with tea. (Duh, I named my blog after it)From pretty teacups to dinosaur shaped infusers, I pretty much go bananas over anything tea-related.
BOOKS - They make me happy, especially the ones that I formed my childhood around. I'm looking at you, Dumbledore. I'm pretty sure the only thing I talked about from 1998 to now 2008 was Harry Potter. P.S.- I'm currently reading The Casual Vacancy. Can't get away from JK Rowling!

BABY FEET - I can't look at baby feet and not smile. They're tiny and pudgy and I want to bite them, end of story.

OLD PEOPLE - Not the bitter ones. I love the ones who tell you you're pretty and smile even when it's raining. I love the old couples who walk the mall, holding hands 50 years later.

OFFICE SUPPLIES - I want all of the Sharpies, binders, staplers, and Moleskin journals...always. It's a disease. If you buy me a pretty pen, or a new pack of Post-Its, I'll probably have a smile on my face for the rest of the day.
BROADWAY/OFF BROADWAY SHOWS - I love a good sing-a-long. You can read about my love for Wicked here or my mini advertisement for My Mom's Italian, Dad's Jewish, and I'm Still in Therapy here. My sister and I have yearly subscriptions to the off-Broadway theater near us so we get to see a lot of shows.
Grab your favorite drink and tell me what makes you happy!
XO - Monny


  1. dinosaur tea infusers! yes! hahaha. i want it too, and i don't even drink tea. also books. books make my life better.

    Nicole @ A Peek Into New Chapters

  2. I'm reading A Casual Vacancy right now toooo!!

  3. I love nice old people too!! I even used to work at a nursing home in college!

  4. I love love love tea and might I add stationary! Nothing better than awesomely shaped post its to make me smile - my boss's assistant at work has them and gives me them occasionally - I currently have kissy lips, llamas, penguins, puppies, bunnies and ducks.

  5. I dig tea too. I want to find one that I fall in love with and want to drink all the time. For now how ever I am a random tea taster until I find the perfect tea for me. I drink tea before I go to bed and I always have a cup with me when Im outside reading.

  6. First, OFFICE SUPPLIES. I cannot get enough. My pen collection is quite extensive.

    Second, I'm reading Harry Potter right now. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I believe I never had a real childhood.


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