September 18, 2013

Wine-ing About the Weekend

Hi Lovelies!

I'm lazy this week. It isn't because of school or work. I just open this post and then close this post without giving it much thought. I don't feel like writing it. I've been writing it for 3 days now.

Here's my hump day weekend recap.

FRIDAY:  I went straight from school to work on Friday and clocked in an hour early. #dolladollabillz After work, we sat on the couch and watched home videos. I can't even fathom how obnoxious I was in tenth grade (Mom and sis say I'm still like that. It might be true).

SATURDAY: On Saturday afternoon I went to a wedding ceremony with my mom for her friend's son.  It was beautiful and purple and the bride looked exquisite.

After the wedding, we hopped in the car and headed to the Renault Winery.

We ate dinner in their gourmet restaurant. It was the bombdigs. First course was a sweet potato pancake with roasted duck(still can't believe I tried duck) and baked peaches. Second course, which isn't pictured because I'm an idiot was a veal and gorgonzola(?) manicotti with creamy tomato sauce and basil infused olive oil. My God, I could've eaten 10 of those. Next they gave us raspberry sorbet that was floating in their blueberry champagne. LAWD. It was so freaking delish. Last, I ordered the 2 filet medallions with fingerling potatoes(there were only two.) and green beans. Mmm.

After dinner we went to my aunt and uncle's house and I gave my 9 year old cousin all of our "formal" dresses. I made her promise to take good care of them so I didn't have to kill her. I have to admit, it would be kind of hard to kill something that looks this cute in your senior prom dress though.
SUNDAY:  I sang at church then went to Kris's aunt's house for dinner. It was so delicious. And we had pumpkin dump cake for dessert. HEAVEN. Before dinner, I decided to take a walk in their backyard and spotted a trampoline. I haven't been on a trampoline in like 6 years.

It was awesome and fun until I fell on my butt...into a puddle of rain water. But don't worry, it was captured on video! Please excuse the sideways-ness of the video(boyfriend doesn't know how to use snapchat correctly)
After dessert, we went home and I started my sign language homework. I had to answer questions from a DVD with this guy. I really can't get past the eyebrows. That's all I could concentrate on so I ended up rewinding the section like 4 times. CREEPTASTIC.

Hopefully my next post doesn't take another half a week to write and I get my ass(ass ass) back on the wagon.

XO - Monny

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  1. gurl, you are hilarious! Between the ass (ass ass) and " I didn't have to kill her," I was cracking up! Ps. The pictures you took at the winery are gorgeous! Loved this humpday post!


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