September 30, 2013

I'd Rather Be Sleeping

It's Monday and I'm not going to pretend to like it.

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! I had so much fun with my family this weekend, but I won't have time to write about it until tomorrow or Wednesday. #sadpanda
Yes, I actually sent this Snap out last night.
After enjoying myself all weekend, I got home to a messy room(why do I do this to myself?) and a 4-6 page paper that I hadn't started writing yet(still working on it). These guys were pretty decent writing buddies, but I could not concentrate no matter what task I was working on.

I guess it's time to get off Twitter and get back to my actual schoolwork. To the dual monitors, Batman!

Any tips for getting stuff done when you can't concentrate?

See ya when I see ya!
XO - Monny


  1. That Snap is epic! Bummed I didn't make the cut! HAHA! :P

    When I can't concentrate, I make a list, get the easiest stuff out of the way (so I remember what "accomplishment" feels like), and then I put on my "Focus Music" playlist, which has consisted of exactly two albums since college - The Postal Service and The Prizefighter Inferno. OR - something that I've discovered recently and kind of LOVE - Ommwriter! If writing is what you need to do, anyways. ( It has helped my crank out articles before when I've been crazy stuck with writer's block for weeks.

    Hope that helps! Can't wait to read about your weekend on Wednesday!

  2. I am REAL impressed with your panda skills. And dual monitor skills because I would never ever get any work done with the added ability to watch twitter instead of seeing it behind a tab, tucked away.

  3. This sounds a lot like my life right now. I have a lot of homework and a messy room but the internet

  4. I've heard of the gummy bear trick but i think I would just eat them all before I got to them. Ooops.


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