October 2, 2013

Two Awards Walk Into a Blog (Instagratitude: week 8)

I really need to get over this Humpday hump. I had a post 90% finished for posting today, then I left my memory card at home. Since I refuse to post a weekend recap without pics to go with it, I'll be posting it tomorrow. Also, I burnt the roof of my mouth on pizza last night so eating this bagel hurts like a mother. Now for the good stuff. FLYERS HOCKEY STARTS TONIGHT. And Nashville is on. Woo!

My Gratitude post is gonna be teeny tiny small today because I've only racked up 3 pictures since last Wednesday, but that's okay because I've been nominated for 2 Sunshine Awards.
ONE: I'm grateful for bubble tea in general, but the bubble tea from the Vietnamese place on campus has these cute (creepy?) pictures on their cups. Look how happy this baby centaur goat is stabbing that crab to death with a shovel.

TWO: I'm grateful I finally finished my rough draft. I rewarded myself with a beer after class.

THREE: I'm grateful that my dad is a heavy sleeper so that he doesn't wake up while I'm taking pics like these and I'm grateful he doesn't have an Instagram to see the multiple pics I've posted like this.

Okay so last week I was nominated for a Sunshine Award by Alyssa at My Life is a Cup of Cake. Then I was nominated again by Jess at No Happier Hour.

I hate rules(something about going to Catholic school for 9 years), but here they are just in case you want to know how I'm breaking them.
The Rules:
Include the Award Logo in your blog post 
Link to the person who nominated you 
Answer 10 questions about yourself 
Nominate 10 bloggers and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
 Since I have 20 questions to answer now(ain't noobody got time for that), I'm just gonna write 10 facts about myself.

1.   I'm really good at untangling multiple necklace chains in a short amount of time. Seriously.
2.   I haven't used shampoo since June 30.
3.   My torso gets itchy right before I go to bed and right after I wake up.
4.   I interrupt people when they're talking because I'm afraid of forgetting what I had to say.
5.   I really hate it when people don't do their job correctly. And apparently, they all work in my store.
6.   It upsets me when people say "real women have curves." Am I not a real woman because I can't           gain weight?
7.   I see so many people abuse government aid that I lose more faith in humanity each time I go to               work. 
8.   I hate Chipotle. HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE QUESO? #TeamQdoba
9.   I highlight and correct grammar/spelling errors on policy agreements and signs that my manager             posts in my store.
10. I like to take selfies with my dad while he's asleep.

Insert Classy Here - Gratitude
XO - Monny

P.S. - If you donate to my fundraising page for the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, I'll have something new to be grateful for next week! I'm only at 40% of my goal and I have a little over 3 weeks left.


  1. The goat/centaur is just creepy. I haven't had bubble tea before...it kind of creeps me out...

  2. I hate it when people don't do their job too and I can promise they don't all work at your store, at least one lazy ass works with me.

  3. Yay for Nashville, love that show!!

  4. WOO HOO HOCKEEEEY except I'm from Detroit so it's all about the Red Wings over here.

  5. Hmmm... I think I still like Chipotle more. Don't hate me :)


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