October 9, 2013

Do I Really Want to Relive This?

It's Humpday once again, my lovelies!

Today I'm posting about the one-time Feelin' 22 21 Linkup that's hosted by a bunch of awesome ladies like Juliette, Allie, Adriana, Brittany, and Sami. Since I've already written about that night in the post about the worst advice I've ever received, I'll just put a quick recap of my night and let you tell me how it went.

Background Info: 
Headed to the Jersey shore at the ass crack of dawn the morning after going to the bar for the first time.
Still had stuff to pack.
No real food in my stomach for hours.
I weighed 100 lbs.
Hit the bar around 11 and drank:
1 chocolate covered pretzel shot
1 chocolate cake shot
1 pineapple mojito
1 mango mojito
1 more chocolate covered pretzel shot
1 liquid marijuana shot
1 more liquid marijuana shot
1 sip of water

-in the bathroom of the bar before I left
-in a bucket in the car on the ride home
-in the toilet at home
-on the toilet at home
-in a trash can next to my bed

Now I'm not good at math or anything, but that seems like a bad equation.
XO - Monny
Feelin' 21 Link Up


  1. This sounds rough, but it's a great story!

  2. Haha the before and after pictures say it all!

  3. Although the end result I'm sure was not pretty, those are all delicious drinks! Perfect "first" alcoholic drinks ;)

  4. haha ! Damn girl. That actually sounds more like my 26th than my 21st. You think that I would someday learn that shots are a bad life choice.

  5. Good god woman how did you survive that!

  6. Oh geez that is a lot of shots! I'm still glad to this day that I did not throw up on my 21st.. it's pretty much a miracle!

  7. Ew. Also, awesome. but really, ew.

  8. One word = SUCCESSFUL. And the chocolate covered pretzel shot sounds yummy.

  9. I had a chocolate covered pretzel shot on my 21st too! It was so delicious but definitely didn't sit well with the tequila that followed!


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