October 29, 2013

Halloween Came Early

Annnd we're back with Part II of the weekend recap!

After the Light the Night walk on Saturday night, Kris and I headed over to Peggy's coworker's house with Greg and his girlfriend Katie for a Halloween party.

*sidenote: In the 5 years we've  been together, I've never "celebrated" Halloween with Kris so I got really excited and had to find the perfect couples costume. When I found it in my aunt's basement, everyone was appalled to discover that Kristopher had never seen The Wizard of Oz. Can't be the Tin Man if you've never seen it so I borrowed the DVD from my cousin. And we watched it. And he liked it. BOOM NOW WE'RE READY.*

While I was changing into my costume, Kris tried his on and imagine my disappointment when one size didn't fit all. Luckily, he had a grey shirt he could turn inside out and I pinned his heart on and made him wear the boner hat funnel.

The house had the creepiest decorations and the food and drinks were the bomb dot com. I was feeling goooood after all two of my Angry Orchards, which resulted in some awesome dance moves and lots of giggling with Peggy.
We all had tons of fun and our "first" Halloween party was a blast!
I can't wait to see all of your costumes this week!
XO - Monny

P.S. - Thanks to Margaret for the advice on turning black pumps into ruby slippers!

P.S. - Even more exciting than ruby slippers is the fact that Allie and friends are hosting a Target or Starbucks giveaway on their blogs! Just tap your heels together 3 times and say "There's no place like Target."


  1. You two look way adorable! I LOVE your costume - and the shoes turned out AWESOME! How'd you turn the black shoes to red and sparkly?!

  2. I think all these costumes are great! Looks like a lot of fun (and I love the ruby slippers!). Happy Halloween!

  3. Yay!! I'm so glad the shoes worked out :) And drunken dance moves (especially in costume) always make for a good night.


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