October 15, 2013

Seasons of Love

Hello my loveys!

After bawling my eyes out at last week's Glee with Sara last night, I decided that I need to write a nice post about something that makes me very happy today - "my person" - my boyfriend Kris (boyf, Kristobal, Kristo).

This guy has been through everything with me for the last 5 and a half years and I've learned a lot about relationships since we first started dating. Without further ado, I present


Some people like other teams.
It's weird and it makes no sense, but it happens. Kris was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, but he loves the San Antonio Spurs, the Cincinnati Bengals, the UNC Tarheels, and the Detroit Tigers. He's never even been to any of those places. Whatevs. I'll probably never understand, but I now have a soft place in my heart for his teams when mine are sucking, which happens a lot. For an example of the weirdness that is Kris's love for the Tigers, you can watch this video of a news interview of my Philly boy wearing a Detroit jersey while in Boston for the playoff game this past Sunday. He's the one wearing the goofy sunglasses at 1:19
It's okay to be ugly(sometimes).
Kris doesn't care what I look like. He doesn't care how big small my boobs are or if I wear makeup or not. He says I look nice whether I'm wearing yoga pants or a cocktail dress. He still loves me when I'm crying, even if it makes me look like Farrah from Teen Mom (which it does).
Compromise is key.
I want the lava cake for dessert. I will always want the lava cake for dessert, but I can't always have the lava cake for dessert because I compromise. Sometimes, I have to let Kris order a limoncello cheesecake because that's what a relationship is about.  
He's got my back.
It's awesome having a person who has your back no matter what. It's also awesome that he'll agree with me even if he has no idea what I'm talking about. He's got my back for everything.

Beer is better.
I honestly never thought I'd say this because I used to hate beer. Boyf and his expensive tastebuds have introduced me to a world I probably would have left unexplored. I'm a fan now. I'm not saying I hate all the other alcohol, but beer is the only adult beverage that doesn't give me a hangover so yeah, I'll keep drinking.

Last, but not least.

I'd love to know what you've learned from your relationships!
XO - Monny
RIP Cory Monteith


  1. BAHAHA! Love the someecard! So true, though, really!

    Other than that - I cracked up at the video! He looks pretty tough, so I know I'd be scared if he was all like "let's go" to me if I were heckling him ;)

    But I feel for him - as a Nebraskan, we don't have pro teams, so we have to make due elsewhere. And Philly doesn't *really* have pro teams... #PittsburghFan


  2. I understand the need for compromise?? But for cheesecake over lava cake?? NEVER!

  3. He sounds pretty awesome to me!

    And I totally SOBBED over Glee.

  4. Ahh this is so nice :) I'm more than ok with his love for the Tigers (wooopwoooop Detroiiiiit) and also beer. Because beer is always a good answer in my mind! Also, I always laughed when Farrah cried. Because it happened so damn much! You're WAY prettier and I'm sure you look just fine while crying!

  5. Farrah is literally the most unattractive cry-er I have ever beheld. Speaking of beer, her cry, would make for an excellent drinking game. Rest in peace, Teen Mom First Batch Of Girls.

    And lets not talk about the Glee episode, I still might be crying. you never can tell.


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