September 13, 2013


I can't believe I just named my post that.

TGIF! Today’s #Blogtember prompt calls for a self-portrait. I can’t draw. But maybe, just maybe, it wants me to figuratively paint a self-portrait of myself so yous can learn more about me. In the case that it’s option one, I’ll improvise and use selfies instead. Maybe I’ll throw in a little option two and show pictures that really describe who I am.

I’m a girl who loves taking pics with her family. Can you tell by the way I take selfies with my sleeping dad or how I’m pseudo-attacking my brother? Maybe you can tell I love my family by the pictures I post with sis The Mustached Gangsta. Apologies to mom, who doesn’t have a goofy picture with me lately. I guess I could always use a quote from her because I have plenty of them. I’m giggling silently to myself on the train at this one “I keep inadvertently playing with her toes.” Yeah, that's good.

If you happen to look through my phone you’ll figure out another thing that makes me me. Food and drinks are a central theme in my selfies (and Instagrams for that matter). I mean I don’t look like it, but food is one of my favorite things. Seriously. Give me a five dollar cup of buffalo tots and I’m on 
cloud nine. Except don’t make me pay for the expensive gourmet tots because that price is cray cray.

Apparently I like hiding when people take pics of me? No, I’m not Asian. Yes I can fit my whole body into a hoodie (or toybox, hamper, or locker). No, I’m not a G, but I can pretend, right?

I make faces. Lots of faces. The first two are some gems I found in Greg’s Skype folder from my freshman (Sophomore?) year of college. Damn, screenshot feature. I have no idea about that last one.
That last one kinda looks like the obsessive girlfriend meme.
Here are some more weird pics. This picture is a gross exaggeration, but did you know that I’m allergic to the sun? Forrealz, I can’t go out for an extended period of time without getting hives all over. #sadpanda Also, I’m really good at turning myself into Mariachi singers on Snapchat. And then something about battling people with giant foam Q-tips? Also, freshman year of college. I think I thought I looked like a badass. Pffft.
Lastly, I take a ton of selfies at work. Add me on Snapchat and that’s basically where the majority of my Snaps come from. Works Snaps all day, erryday.
I hope you enjoyed the plethora of embarrassing selfies/non-selfies.

XO - Monny
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  1. Girl, you are rockin the selfies! I still can't get used to taking pictures of myself, I feel weird! haha

  2. Yeah, so these selfies are pretty awesome. I'm in the awkward feeling stage still, even though I love my phone's camera. I'll try to work on it though :)

  3. haha i love each and every single one of these! and yes the one does look like the obsessive girlfriend meme, thanks for the laugh!

  4. Hahaha, I love this! You've got some series selfie skills ;)

    Kate - Diaries of an Essex Girl

  5. lovin the selfies! sometimes I take them and i'm like... why am i doing this? i don't know but I don't care.

  6. We are ALL guilty of having a surplus of shameless selfies stored away in our iPhone. Most of them do NOT make sense, are completely unnecessary, and there's probably 4-5 of the same one in a row. BUT... it is what it is. Have a great weekend! #selfiesfordays #cantstopwontstop

  7. I love the one where your hair looks like a Snork Cartoon, totally awesome!


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