December 19, 2013

Yet Another Show to Add to My List

I'm probably on my way home right now, which is bittersweet. I'm sure I'll have a ton of stories/picture to share next week after I've gotten back to the real world.

I have a confession to make. I never watched Sex & the City. [insert collective gasp here] I do however watch The Carrie Diaries and this post by my newest blog friend Rachel makes me want to check it out to see why Carrie is her spirit animal.

XO - Monny

"Eventually all the pieces fall into place….until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason"

Have you ever seen someone and stopped in your tracks to just know yep, thats the one. Thats my spirit animal. If you haven't, I'm sorry but here I am questioning your humanity. If you're confused by the rudeness sarcasm, no you don't need to hit the refresh button to see if this is actually the right blog. It's Rachel from Sunshine and Sinatra and I'm taking over. Don't worry, not the world. You can breathe now.

Anywhosers, my spirit animal is Carrie Bradshaw. Sex and the City lady, ya know. Or also young Carrie in The Carrie Diaries. Not only is Carrie a rockstar in both, but she knows her ish when it comes to being inspiring. I sit there, hand in pretzel bag, and learn some life lessons (and blogged about it here).

Besides that, she lives in the city. It's the perfect place for her crazy all over the place (in a good way) personality. Always something to see/do. If I lived in a city, I don't think I'd ever sleep in past about 8AM. When ever I venture off to the city (although Philly isn't too far from me), you bet ya sweet bottom I jump out of bed to stand in front of my closet for about a good 20 minutes to find the perfect artsy outfit. Except it usually just turns into a black or striped something...(See it's like I'm made for the city or something aka you know you live in the city when you wear black all the time). This Bradshaw betch also makes it seem like she's discovering the city for the first time all the time. Anyone want to come with me to live a starving artist lifestyle in a studio apartment  Just me...Okay...True...(not surprised.)

She has the best closet. No need to say any freaking more. If I could pull off those outfits, I'd probably crown myself queen of NYC fashion week every single year. #TuTus #Patterns #EyeVom (in a great way)

She also sports the closest group of friends I've seen since Adam and Eve. And they were pretty close. Ha (okay, don't punch me. I'm not getting religious over here so moving on..) Where can I find my Charlotte (the airhead-y one), Samantha (yolo one), and Miranda (the one we hate to love but love her anyway...)? Whether it's the men they are dating or not dating *winky face*, their job status, okay let's just face it they love men. Yet, I don't get why because in reality, I think majority of them suck (shut up, personal problems. Stop cramping my style!!!!) But for real, Samantha is Queen B and knows her ish. Is it bad that in my group of friends I always feel like I'm the Samantha. #getatmeboys

Like me, Carrie documents the ish of her life. For her, it's the newspaper column. For me, it's this good ole land of blogging. Either way, people seem to give two flying effs as to what I have to say in life. Whether they are agreeing with me about how horrific this weather that is below 50 degrees is, to cheering me on as I question if my future day will be worthy of live tweets or not (still debatable). The only difference is people look to Carrie for deep words, and for me, I think people look at my blog for a good ole lunch time laugh to make their day seem as if it's really not that bad. But hey, I'm about five hundred percent sure I'm okay with that.

Lastly? We've all wanted a 'Mr. Big' at one point. Until he never stops running away and essentially effs up their wedding. Why didn't she stick with Aidan? The world may never know. And frankly, I think it's something we should because Aidan was perfect and pretty and gorgeous and nice and lovable and ugh. Alright, can we just find me one of those? (Ps: Aidan makes a hotter dilf. Unless you're into the whole older-very-businessy-man thing...) Did I mention how I'm actually really #TeamAidan? Like be right back, let me make shirts or something...

Well now that I just made myself clear about how much I strive to be Carrie, I think I'm about to hop in my car, buy a cosmo (mag...obvi), and spend the rest of my days cuddled up in bed watching every season of Sex and the City and Carrie Diaries. 

/Mucho love from me and my spirit animal.
Carrie out.

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  1. Haha I love it, and Monica - watch it! Rachel, do you say you're a Carrie or do your friends say it? Or both? I've always thought of myself as a Miranda (I'm a lawyer, I tell it like it is) but my friends swear up and down that I'm a full blown Charlotte!


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