December 17, 2013

Next Stop: Hell

When Monica shot out a text a few weeks ago asking for guest posts while she was in Mexico, I obviously said yes. Monica was one of the first bloggers that I exchanged phone numbers with. She consistently makes me laugh. We share a serious love of tea. And even though her boyfriend has horrible taste in football teams, even he is pretty awesome (yes, we’re Twitter friends).

And though I’m beyond jealous of her being in Mexico right now (what I wouldn’t do for a beach vacation right now), I of course am thrilled to be on The Empty Teacups!!

Monica often tweets or snapchats about funny things she encounters while riding public transportation. In the winter, I tend to take public transportation more often because I hate driving in the snow. A normal travel day for me is about a 40 minute ride on the train (or rapid as we call it), followed by a 20 minute ride on the bus.

This morning, as I was reading Harry Potter, while wearing snowpants over my leggings and a hat with a giant black fuzzy ball on top and sitting next to a man in a super fancy wool coat who was reading “The Age of Reagan” on his iPad, I just had to shake my head and giggle a little. The train/bus is a funny place.
public transportation public transport gif

1. Girl who is trying to look good even though its -10 with windchill. Wear a damn hat. That peacoat that barely covers your midriff can NOT block the wind. And stop fixing your hair and looking around to see if anyone notices you. We’re all freezing and no one gives a crap.

2. Old lady talking to herself while doing what looked like sign language/interpretive dancing. Say what?? I couldn’t hear her as I was sitting a few seats away and was listening to music (which is what I do as a way to block people’s crazy out).

3. Man who was laughing SO LOUD that I could hear it over pre-mentioned music. And I guess now is a good time to say that he was by himself and not talking to anyone. Just laughing. Really loud. Like a crazy person.

4. Person listening to super inappropriate rap music on their phone with no headphones. So loud that I can clearly hear it over my own music (which I am listening to WITH headphones). There are no words for you. You just suck.

5. And the best for last. The person who sits on the outside seat even though the bus is absolutely packed. And then acts super inconvenienced when someone tries to sit in the empty seat and make a big show of getting up to let the other person sit down. No one feels bad for you, you big jerk. 


  1. omg that photo on #1. Horrible!! #4 is very common here. I hate it so much.

  2. Man, I feel like I want to try out public transport now!!!!!


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