December 9, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans & Studying for Finals

Hey Bloggers, it's Monday! I'm sure you're all still thawing out since this is basically what the United States looked like this weekend. Except you, Florida. What da hale?
I wish I could say that my weekend was full of fun shenanigans, but I spent the majority of it in my room, at my desk, studying. The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was leaving my room for 3 hours to go drink wine with my best friend.

Friday I cleaned the whole first floor and put up all the Christmas decorations. And studied. Ate dinner. And studied. Then drank wine. And studied.
Saturday, I studied all day, then sang at Mass and went to Amy's. We talked about boots, school, work and how much we missed each other. Oh, and how I'm leaving for Mexico in FIVE DAYS. Then I came home and studied some more.

Sunday, I studied then turned on the Eagles game to see this.
The Eagles won after the most exciting game I've ever seen and that means I get free coffee today at Dunkin. Yay!

Studying is such a process for me so I thought I'd share it with you.

8 stages of studying for finals
Stage 1 - "Ah, I have plenty of time!"
Stage 2 - Contemplate starting soon.
Stage 3 - Get distracted by Pinterest.
Stage 4 - Put game face on.
Stage 5 - "Crap, is this on the test?"
Stage 6 - Go into panic mode.
Stage 7 - Consider dropping out to be a stripper.
Stage 8 - Give in to exhaustion.

XO - Monny
Sami's Shenanigans


  1. SOML to all. Literally all. Except I got too drunk of tequila but the studying thing=ew.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAH girl that picture is so accurate!

  3. Ugh, Florida is making me angry! It's December 9th...I just want weather below 75 degrees.

    Your stages of studying are hilarious.

  4. i say drop out and pick stripper!

  5. normally, i'd be super supportive of the stripper calling, but you're SOO CLOSE!! YOU CAN DOOOO IT!!! good luck dear, you're going to kill all dem SRTs, SDTs, and WRTs!!
    Nicole @ A Peek Into New Chapters

  6. Haha love your studying stages! So true! We are from Michigan so we were watching the Eagles v. Lions game as well.. what a mess!

  7. studying stages are hilarious!!

    Stopping by from the link-up!

  8. Mexico sounds like an awesome place to go this week after all of the cold and wet weather we have had. Hope you have a great time!


  9. That map is crazy! and I'm so jealous of your trip to Mexico!

  10. I felt bad for you until I read the part about you going to Mexico. Now I just hate you. ;P

  11. Heh heh heh! Love those study pictures!
    And what the HECK IS UP WITH FLORIDA'S WEATHER!? That is crazy!
    Also, those are some ridiculous temperature differences! I don't even know how cold/hot that is because I don't understand Fahrenheit...but it looks extreme!

  12. haha your photos are so great! love it!

    Im having a weekend recap this week and next if you are interested!



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