December 14, 2013

Going, Going, Gone!

Hey everyone!

It is 12:40 am on Saturday and I have to be up in 2 hours so naturally, I'm writing a blog post. I just wanted to let you all know that the countdown has finally ended and our flight for Mexico leaves at 7:47 AM. I finally got all my stuff packed and I wish I had cleaned my room so I have something nice to come home to. Oh well, I can't do everything.

What I can do is leave my blog in some very capable hands while I'm gone. I hope you all come to visit this week because Sara, Rachel, Kaylee, and Margaret are staging a takeover. Each day, one of these very awesome friends of mine will be posting about themselves or their lives in general. So sit back, relax, and sip a margarita because God knows that's exactly what I'll be doing.

Enjoy your week!

XO - Monny

P.S. - I didn't get around to answering too many emails this week. Next week, I promise!


I love reading your comments and I try respond to every one. Thanks for reading!

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