December 7, 2013


Guys, my bff Kaylee (if that is her real name) wants me to tell you 11 random facts about myself. This sounds like a good idea since I didn't get around to writing a post today.

  1. I already have my wedding date picked even though Kristo hasn't proposed to me yet.
  2. I want 6 kids. He wants 3.
  3. I will intentionally cross the street if the other side is sunnier.
  4. The Sound of Music is my favorite musical. And no matter who performs in it, I will still love it.
  5. I'll be getting my diploma in February, but I don't get a graduation. There weren't enough of us to justify holding a Winter commencement. Laaaaame.
  6. I found out that house hunters isn't real, but I can't stop watching.
  7. I'm shy. When I meet someone for the first time, I put in a lot of extra work so I don't come off as snobby(does that make sense?). It is emotionally draining.
  8. I've seen Halestorm, my favorite band 7 times in 3 years. Glee performed one of their songs in an episode this year and then they won a Grammy.
  9. When customers are rude to me, I secretly smash their chips as I scan them.
  10. I also make hideous faces at little kids while their parents aren't looking.
  11. I talk like Fran a lot.
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And just because every post needs a picture.

Ugly sweater contest from Christmas 2011. Still bitter that I didn't win.

XO - Monny


  1. number 6: you just broke my heart. WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT'S NOT REAL?!?!?!
    ps: number 7 is me too.
    Nicole @ A Peek Into New Chapters

  2. Dude I would have never guessed you were shy. Ever. Also Kaylee is my middle name, so I'm only half mysterious. HALF.

  3. I had a feeling house hunters wasn't real, I imagine most shows similar to that aren't.. Bummer anyway.
    I laughed so hard at 9 and 10!

  4. Bahahahahaha... #9 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 6 kids?! Holy mackerel, woman!!! My vagina hurts FOR you!


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