December 2, 2013

Motivational Monday

Hi Bloggers! I hope you all had a fantastic, food-filled, frugal (haha, right) Thanksgiving weekend!

I have the last essay of my undergrad career an 8 page paper due tomorrow so I don't have time for a normal length blog post. I will be back tomorrow with some pictures of my Thanksgiving shenanigans, but for now I will leave you with the first of many Monthly Motivational Monday posts! Make sure you link up with Rachael or Heather
unfortunately it's sold out on Etsy
This is exactly what I need to keep repeating to myself until I get this paper finished. See you tomorrow!

XO - Monny

Every Girl Like Me


  1. I LOVE that quote! :) so great but oh so true! :) Thank you so much for linking up! :) I am so glad to have found you! :)

  2. Amen to that! Good luck!

  3. Thanks for linking up! I LOVE this- we can finish finals strong!! xo

  4. Ahh you're so close to being done! You got this!

  5. Love this! Definitely a great motivator!


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