December 18, 2013

Blog BFF

I don't even know how to introduce today's guest post writer. Kaylee and I became fast friends over the last few months and she is now what I like to call my bloggy bff. Should I abbreviate it bbff?! For those of you who are living under a rock, this is similar to a real life bff, except we've never met each other. We talk all the time in all of the various modes of communication. She is one of the few people who has ever been sent super embarrassing videos of myself on Snapchat. Like lip-syncing "The Lonely Goatherd" embarrassing. Anyway, I'll let her tell you more about her lovely, bubbly self. Take it away Kaylee!

XO - Monny

Now that Miss Graduated is off on a Mexican adventure, we get to have some real fun around here.

In fact, we're going to have so much fun, she's gonna wish she stayed back in Philly to experience it.

Just kidding, Mexico sounds like the best right now. Especially since our state is covered in snow and hills. And if that sounds like fun to you, then I need to know your secret, because Pennsylvania is not my friend during the winter.

Monica is my friend though, and she hails from Pennsylvania, so that's one good thing this state brings me. Oh, and my fiance, B. He's pretty great too.

Before I get ahead of myself, I should probably let you know that I'm Kaylee! Monmon and I became instant bffs when she helped me get over my lack of selfies and introduced snapchat into my life.

And now I use words like "selfie" and "snapchat" in everyday conversation, so that's fun. I also have my own spot on the internet where I like to write about my handsome man, my adventures while living in Pittsburgh, and the fun that the internet can bring. And I mean that in the most wholesome way possible- do you know how funny tumblr is sometimes?

I'm also a the biggest fan of Kevin Spacy gifs:

And I can quote The Office all day, every day.

If you feel like learning more about being 6'3" without heels, keeping up with Michigan football teams while living in Steeler's Country, or you just want to read about how my long distance relationship worked out, I suggest you come hang out with me.

We can talk about the important questions in life, like why the heck humans decided to live in snow covered areas, or which Harry Potter book was the best (hint: it's the fifth one). We can also make a list and check off all the things we complete, because that's one of my most favorite feelings. I also have a story about a giant inflatable duck because my city is AWESOME.

So let's let Mon-i-bon enjoy her margarita's and sunshine and guacamole while she can, because it'll be back to the snow and slush of PA soon enough for her. Which means more internet time, but also less sunshine. Soak it all up for us girlie!


  1. So does this mean you like the Steelers? How does that work out being friends with Monny then? She's kind of a bear about her teams, ya know ;)

    (PS, I'm a Steelers fan, so please say yes so we can gang up on her! -- and I mean that in the nicest way possible!)

    1. I'm more of a college football fan myself but living in this city does mean that I'm pretty mhch a fan just by my zipcode!

      I've also discovered that I'm basically required to hate on Philly, so you and I are on the same team!


      Philly is clearly the best.

    3. Kaylee, you're a Tigers fan though right?


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