December 13, 2013

Silent Vlog

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm in the best mood ever because I just finished the final final of my undergrad career. Let's be real I'm also excited because the only thing standing between me and Mexico is the fact that I still have to pack all my stuff. I'll still be posting while I'm gone because I have some amazing guests stopping by

ANYWAY, I just sent in my last ASL assignment and since it's a video, I'll be linking up with the always awesome (ya alliterations!) Ashten for #Vloglikeaboss.

I also want to make you aware of the fact that this travesty happened last week in not only the world stage, but in the sign language world. This imposter who claims to have been in the middle of a schizophrenic attack when he effed up everything signed gibberish at Neslson Mandela's memorial service stated that "I think that I've been a champion of sign language.” NO BUDDY. You are an embarrassment to your country and interpreters everywhere and you are an insult to the Deaf Community.

Here's my video. I'm signing real words about myself.

Translation along the lines of:
Hi my name is Monica, I'm a student at Temple University. My major is speech-language-hearing. I live in a house with my family. I have a mom and dad and two siblings - one sister and one brother. I'm the oldest. My sister's name is Lauren; she's 20 years old. My brother Christian is the youngest. He's 19 years old.

We don't have any pets. We used to have a goldfish named Ralf. Now he's dead. In the past, my family lived in Philadelphia, now we live in Bensalem. My boyfriend's name is Kris we met and fell in love. We've been dating for 5 years. Maybe in the future he'll propose marriage.

My favorite drink is tea. I like to read books, but I don't like reading for school. I also like to cook. I cook for about a half hour a day. WHen I'm not reading or cooking, I'm at work. I work at a food store called B***** D*****. I work about 20 hours. My job is pretty easy. My family is small, but my mom and dad have big families. I have 26 aunts and uncles and about 50 cousins. We have a family reunion once a year for Christmas. I love my family.

Thanks for watching me sign!
XO - Monny
Always Ashten


  1. You're pretty awesome. That is all.

  2. I took three years of sign language in high school! Sadly I am pretty rusty but I was able to follow along pretty well!

  3. This is so cool! I hope you're really proud of yourself girl!

  4. Thats so awesome! You go girl. Templeeeee <3

  5. This is awesome!! Congrats on finishing your undergrad!!

    One of my roommates did ASL as her major and she used to sign to us while she was talking. It is so amazing to me! I'd love to commit myself to learning

  6. That was the coolest vlog ever!! I've always wanted to learn ASL.

  7. This was seriously SO freakin' COOL Monica! I took ASL for a semester in college and I loved it. I really wish I would've kept up with it. CONGRATS on finishing undergrad!

  8. You are such a badass! You totally took Vlog Like a Boss to a whole new level with this one!


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