December 4, 2013

Undergrad Gratitude

Welcome back for another week of Gratitude on my blog. Glad you could make it! This week I'm grateful for finishing my last essay as an undergrad and finding the time to blog. I'm also grateful for...

ONE this little bird ornament from Target. It makes me smile and I wouldn't be opposed to someone buying it for me

TWO pups that look like Gandalf

THREE that I take the train early enough to see the sunrise every morning

FOUR days like today where everything is right with the world

Remember that thankfulness is not only for Thanksgiving. I wanna know what you're thankful for! Let me know in the comments.

XO - Monny


  1. That little bird ornament is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!

  2. I'm thankful for you! :D

  3. Cutest ornament! And I'm thankful for Early grey tea too- I'd be struggling today if i didn't have my daily cup!

  4. I'm thankful for that unexpected moments in my day where I feel everything is going to be ok

  5. Beautiful sunrise! What are those delicious pastries? I WANT!

  6. Driving into the city with sunrise and sunset is perfect. When my parents first got divorced my dad lived in an apt and my room I could see the philly skyline it was so awesome since that was the worst year of my life for me, looking at that view everyday was so great. Now you inspired me to go look back at it :-)
    It really is the little things in life!


I love reading your comments and I try respond to every one. Thanks for reading!

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