January 6, 2014

She Believed She Could

Happy Monday! (Yes, I said happy. You read correctly.)

Today I see no traces of the Monday blues. Not only because I start my new job today (holy crap yay!), but because I’m linking up with Rachael and Heather for Monthly Motivational Monday! On the first Monday of every month, these awesome ladies are hosting a linkup to kick start the month off right. So pick your favorite quote, song lyric, or whatever motivates you most and write about it!
I truly believe that this job was meant for me. I’m scared to death to start something new and completely unknown, but I know I will do my best and I will accomplish everything I set out to do. That being said, I’m glad I found this quote to motivate me this month. I might even print it out and hang it next to my desk.

What quote or saying motivates you?

Every Girl Like Me


  1. Ahh I am sure your first day was great!! Let us know!! Great quote :-)

  2. I love this quote!!!! Thanks for linking up sugar!

  3. So glad this opportunity came along for you, you deserve it! :)
    Lately my favorite quote has been "put it in the fuck it bucket." I read it on a blog somewhere but I can't remember whose! It helps me when I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff. :)


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