January 7, 2014

Hola! Grand Occidental Xcaret (Mexico Recap Part 1)

"Can I get a hoohah two times Tuesday?!" (Anyone remember that commercial? Nope? Just me? Okay then.)

I hope your Monday was awesome! Who am I kidding, you people hate Mondays. Today is the first of my three, count'em THREE Mexico recap posts. They'll mostly be photo dumps, but I'm sure you'll be so mesmerized by my amateur photography skills that you won't even care about the uneven ratio of wordage (did you know that's a real word?). 

So the theme for Mexico recap: part 1 is the resort. We stayed at Grand Occidental Xcaret in Riviera Maya. We were upgraded to the Junior Suite which had a king-size bed and sitting area with a private deck. Since we stayed for 6 days, we were allotted 4 reservations at the gourmet restaurants (coming in part 2). 

The resort was built on a site that had ancient Mayan ruins and there was a ton of wildlife. There were red macaws in the lobby, lizard-iguana-scaly things everywhere, and there was even a pen that had a bunch of flamingos in it even though I neglected to take a pic of them.  

There were 4 pools, a beach, and an an a cross between beach and pool for adults that sat right on the water (ie - where we spent most of our free time). There were waiters that brought tequila shots drinks down to the water and I drank a lot.

Anyway let me get back to the photo dump. Enjoy!
parrots at Grand Occidental

relaxing by the pool Occidental Xcaret Mexico

Occidental Xcaret resort

Waterfalls at Grand Occidental Xcaret Mexico

Grand Occidental Xcaret Resort
Occidental Grand Xcaret Mexico

grand occidental xcaret resort
Hasta luego.


  1. this looks perfect I want to go ugh. This weather sucks

  2. LOVE Xcaret! Can't wait to hear/see more! And don't feel bad, I recapped our stay in Mexico City ONLY using pictures. You beat me haha

  3. I almost didn't want to look at these because it's -40F wind-chill today.
    That 2nd to last picture... I die!
    The turtles... I die again!!!!

  4. awesome pics! cant wait to see more!

  5. Ahhh so awesome, I am so jealous!!

  6. ooh! These pictures are wonderful!! I think I was looking at staying here and now I need to look again :)

  7. That looks great, especially with the SHITTY WEATHER going on over here lately!


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