January 9, 2014

Resort Food (Mexico Recap Part 2)

Welcome to Mexico vacay recap: part 2!

So I'm sure your wondering if I was a "good blogger" who took pictures of all her main dishes on this little ol' vacation of hers. Guess what, I DID (I know, I'm so proud). Kris was even a good blogger boyfriend who reminded me to when I forgot at every meal.

So at Grand Occidental Xcaret, you get a certain number of dinner reservations for the gourmet restaurants depending on the number of nights you stay there. We booked a 6 day stay so we were given 4 choices of dinner reservations at any of the restaurants. There was a seafood, Mexican, steak, Italian restaurant, in addition to a breakfast/lunch beach buffet and an all meals buffet (which you didn't need a reservation for). We aren't the biggest seafood people so we opted for 2 different nights at the steak place.
La Hacienda Restaurant at Occidental Xcaret
Feelin' like locals...hah!

La Hacienda Restaurant at Occidental Xcaret
fajitas. mmm.

I have no idea what this is, but Kristo loved it

dessert squares? kinda weird, but still decent


pastel de tres leches... mi favorito!!!! I must've had this like 4 times

and last, but most definitely not least...TEA!

The food at Grand Occidental Xcaret was really really good overall. It was easy to find something you liked at the buffet, no matter which meal you were eating and the reservation restaurants were fantastic! 


  1. Tres leches is the BEST! The food looks awesome. Love the first picture :)

  2. The desserts look delicious and beautifully prepared! So jealous of you guys! I think I'll put the place you stayed at as one of possible places I'll stay when I visit Riviera Maya :)

  3. Mmmmm. Those all look delish. And do I spy the earrings in the picture of you two??

  4. I literally said "OOOOOO I like food!" When I saw the title of this. #givemeallthefood
    Those desserts are calling my NAME right now!

  5. yum!! All that food looks awesome, great pics!

  6. This sounds so fun!! We went to Mexico for the first week of December and stayed at Ocean Coral & Turquesa. It was our first all inclusive and I was pretty impressed with the food! The only "bad" thing was that for lunch the only open place was a buffet. (Still great food and different options every day!) Then for dinner you had like 8 choices. Hope you guys had so much fun!

  7. Yummmmmm! I LOVE Mexican food. Fajitas are beyond tasty , I really want to go to Mexico . So jelly !!!!!!!!

  8. All of that food looks so delicious. I am so jealous and want to book the next flight down to Mexico now!

  9. Thanks for the reviews :) I am heading here in three weeks - any tips for the resort?! xo


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