November 14, 2013

How to be a Good Customer

It's Thanksgiving season and you're lying if you say you won't be hitting the grocery stores any time in the next 2 weeks. Here are some helpful tips on how to be a good customer (from a seasoned cashier's point of view).

Have your money ready. 
The people behind you shouldn't have to wait for you to navigate the depths of your Mary Poppins bag to find 56 cents. 

What do you mean you forgot where you put your money? 

"Oh, I guess you need me to pay huh?" This is not cute. You are not clever. It's obnoxious and your pissing people off.

"Can you check how much is on my food stamps card?" Uh, not in the middle of the order. "Oh, well there might not be enough on there." What.

Learn how to read
Don't bring up a lonely turkey when both the sign and  the ad say $0.37/lb turkey with a $25 minimum purchase. And don't tell me the sign doesn't say that. IT'S WRITTEN IN BLACK AND WHITE...and highlighted.

Don't fight with the cashier over a price. This is not a flea market. If you tell me a gallon of ice cream is $1.68, I can tell you didn't read the product name on the price tag. It makes you look stupid, not me.

"Are you open?" Does my sign say open?  "Yes" Then I guess I'm open.

The register says 12 items or fewer. You have a full cart. This is not okay.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
If' you're at the register and you remember something you forgot, wait until your order is paid for and then go get whatever it is. Don't run back for "just one thing" and come back 5 minutes later with half the store in your arms. It's rude, you lied, and all these people had to wait for you to finish being a d-bag.

Let my people goooo.
If you have enough food in your cart to feed a small village and the lady behind you has a gallon of milk, let her go. It's good karma. Who knows when you'll get stuck behind a full cart when all you wanna buy is a box of Brillo pads.

Follow proper cart etiquette
Don't let your kids stand in the cart. You'd think this is common sense, but it's not...oh I promise it's not.

Leave the carts in the store or put them in the cart corral. Don't be a d* this person.
The walk was a little too far for ya, huh buddy?
Don't take the carts home with you - I wish this was a joke.

Don't ram other customers with your cart - I wish this was a joke too.

There you have it! If everyone and their mother followed these simple rules, we'd all have a happier holiday season.

XO - Monny


  1. They should post these at the grocery store, these are great!!

  2. It is amazing how many common sense issues you bring up that are ignored. Great post!

  3. hahah YES! I worked at a grocery store in high school, followed by a cheese store through college. People are morons who seriously ignore signs all the time!

  4. Every thing on here drives me BONKERS. The cart thing is the worst, I can't even look at the parking lot, my blood pressure shoots up.

  5. all of these are soo important. i've never been a store cashier in my life, but just as a shopper these drive me crazy! i also hate when people insist that every other store in the town is selling it for cheaper. THEN LEAVE AND GO THERE!! just kidding, we don't want to scare your customers away..but it is annoying.. :)
    Nicole @ A Peek Into New Chapters

  6. Also, BE NICE TO THE EMPLOYEES. They're just doing their job. Don't get angry because they have to enforce a policy. They're not the one who made them!

  7. This should be framed and placed at the front of the store! I can't stand when people sit there & wait until the end of their order to think about getting their money yet. Or worse yet- write a check. Have the dang thing ready! And seriously...quit using checks at the grocery store. You're holding up the line!

  8. I worked in retail for ten years (some of that time in a grocery store) and I can relate to all of this. LOL! People are crazy, aren't they?

  9. Bahahah... you NAILED it! I died @ "I guess you need me to pay." If I had a nickel for every time I heard that working in retail I'd pay FOR them!

  10. "Don't take the carts home with you...." Love it!


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