November 11, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans

Happy Monday, Blogland!

Are you ready for my weekend shenanigans? (The correct answer is yes.) I was a good blogger and took pictures this weekend so I would have something to talk about when today rolled around.

I was in a crappy mood for pretty much all of last week. Luckily, I didn't take a nap Friday morning which meant I got to watch Paramore perform on Good Morning America and get my dad's birthday post done. It was the perfect way to get back into a good mood and it totally made me feel better.
After class, I went to work which sucked as usual, but at least no one told me I look like a 16 year old this week.

On Saturday morning, we woke up an hour before Jesus started handing out blessings and headed to south Philly for the Philadelphia Heart Walk. It was warm enough that I didn't need my winter coat (Yay!) so I rocked my school hoodie since I was walking for Temple Health anyway. When we got into the stadium the first thing I saw was Temple's mascot and I yelled "Hey Hooter" before skipping happily into his arms asking for a picture. Go owls!
We sat in the good seats for the opening ceremony while the Phillie Phanatic made fun of friends with the NBC peacock and generally disregarded all ceremony etiquette. He is the best mascot with the most personality and I want him at my future wedding reception. This is not a joke.

After the walk, we headed to my Mom-Mom's. On the way, we passed a place called Burger Bar and I asked my mom what it was. Her response? "Oh it's good, they have alcoholic milkshakes." Thanks mom, but I was asking about the food. With an explanation like that, we had to go in.
Apparently I really like bourbon. Like a lot.

When we got home, we (mostly Mom) made my dad his birthday dinner. It was a filet mignon roast and it. was. awesome. After dinner, we sang happy birthday to Dad who refuses to sit still or look at the camera, which resulted in 47539287 pictures.
After dessert, Kris and I went to see Pride & Prejudice. You know what's not fun? Explaining the whole plot to your boyfriend at intermission. You know what is fun? When he gets riled about the characters and wants them to live happily ever after.
Sunday was pretty dull, but mom and I made Apple Pie Cake. It didn't turn out as pretty as this, but it tasted like a dessert prepared by the magical cake fairy from Heaven. I will definitely make it again!

I hope you all have a great week!
XO - Monny
Sami's Shenanigans


  1. How cute are you in your Temple sweatshirt with the mascot? Love it!

  2. That Reese's ice cream cake is adorable! How did ya'll get the edge to ruffle?


  3. That bourbon milkshake sounds delightful!
    And my man-friend would love that Reese's ice cream cake! Was it homemade?

  4. How fun you got a picture with a mascot! Also that other mascot is too funny!
    That Reese's ice cream cake looks amazing, happy birthday to your dad!

  5. I need to know where you found the Reece's cake... like pronto! ha!

  6. HOOTER?!?! bahahahaha!

    Mascots kiiinda freak me out - and that green one makes no sense to me... how does that represent the team?! Explain it to me, oh wise one!

    And I'll take one of those bourbon shakes to go, please!


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