November 13, 2013

Gratitude Catch-up and the Thankful Project

Hey guys! I can't believe the feedback I got on yesterday's simple handwritten post. I was so surprised you all liked the idea.

Linking up with (the newly relocated) Steph for this week's gratitude post. Here's an abbreviated version of the last month since I haven't done a post like this in forever.

ONE I'm thankful for my church where I can get peace of mind whenever I walk through the doors.

TWO I'm thankful for the Philadelphia skyline that always makes me well up with pride for my city.

THREE I'm thankful for coming home from work to find 10 new pairs of socks (Thanks, Mom!).

FOUR  I'm thankful for our first couples costume looking awesome even though it wasn't exactly what we planned for the Halloween party.

FIVE I'm thankful that my first #Vloglikeaboss post finally uploaded.

SIX I'm thankful for colorful marshmallows in my hot chocolate when I'm having a bad day.

SEVEN I'm thankful for my new blogbff Kaylee who will "sing" Wicked lyrics with me over text message and not think it's weird at all.

EIGHT I'm thankful for days like these where I know someone is looking down from Heaven to say hi.
And since this post was kind of short, I'm also linking up for the #ThankfulProject with Kenzie at Chasing Happy. Today's prompt is an ability you're thankful for.

I'm thankful for my ability to sing because it allows me to share the word of God through music at church. I'm thankful I can lead the congregation to worship through song. Music has opened so many doors in my life and I'm grateful for it every day.


  1. I love that new socks make you happy. Because new socks (especially fun colorful ones) make me REAL happy!

  2. OMG I would love 10 new pairs of socks, how awesome is your mom?!

  3. Your church is beautiful! And I love your couple's costume - The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorites. Visiting from The Thankful Project!


  5. I like this a lot! We should all spend a little bit more time being thankful and not just during Thanksgiving!

  6. New socks always make me happy. Especially if they have a cute print on them :)

  7. New socks are the bomb! I love new socks! Stopping by from Share the Blog Love! Have a great weekend!


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