June 23, 2014

S.S. Catherine

Once upon a time, there were some young adults who lived in a magical land called Medford, New Jersey. In the land of Medford there was a lake called Pine. The youngsters found great joy in floating their small raft in the middle of the lake and paddling back to shore with their oars.

One day, their two cousins from across the river were walking through the marketplace and spotted an unusually large barge called Oasis Island.
They wrote to one of the youngsters to come visit so they could purchase the barge together. The youngster traveled a great distance and the three purchased it and brought it back to Medford. Little did they know, it would take the strength of 6 people to carry it to its final destination.

Weeks went by until they gathered enough people to bring Oasis Island, which was renamed the S.S. Catherine to the lake for its maiden voyage. The sailors of the S.S. Catherine gathered one day for a remembrance party in honor of the namesake of the barge - a beloved grandmother, Catherine. It was decided that they'd set sail that day. So the cousins, along with their significant others started on a strenuous journey on foot.
The trip was long and treacherous, but in the end, the S.S. Catherine was gracefully eased into the water at Lake Pine.
And they all floated for the rest of the day and lived happily ever after.
And then they watched the US tie, which was not happily ever after.

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  1. This is sweet. And adorable. And also FUN and now I want to play on the water.

  2. That raft is absolutely amazing- jealous!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to go rafting or even water tubing in a lake/river for literally years but can't get people to come with me!


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