June 26, 2014

Send GREinforcements !

Kaylee and I were talking a while back about our respective futures and what we want to do with our lives in the near-far future. I guess both of our plans included torturing ourselves grad school because now we're sitting here trying to figure out how to study for the GRE. Now I've already taken it once so I know what to expect, but my scores were, although average, not where I wanted them to be. We'll both be taking the test in August so now is as good a time as any to start studying.

I happened to have an underused pack of GRE vocabulary cards sitting around so we came up with a brilliant idea to write a blog post with 5 new words included. This pith of this entire exercise is that we will be forced to learn this stupid vocab and write posts at the same time. We're killing two birds with one stone here, people!

OK here we go. Warning: This will not be a poignant post.

I'd like to say I love everyone, that no one bothers me, and the world is a happy-go-lucky place. The existence of the Kardashian family, however, does not allow this to happen. I become irascible whenever I see a tweet on my TL about Kimye, Kris, or one of the younger K-named brats.

I don't understand how a family, who, having done nothing to earn their fame, is all over television. You did not defend OJ - your husband/father/would-have-been father-in-law did. He deserved all the fame he could get, but you, you just sit there and act like a bunch of lunatics in front of cameras.

And Kanye just joined this whole sinking ship because he's in love with himself and has the innate longing to reproduce and continue making more tiny Kanyes. (YOUR CHILD IS A CHILD. NOT A DIRECTION ON A COMPASS)

The sad part about all of this is when Lord Disick is seen as the most salutary of the bunch, which is really scary.

PITH - the essential part

POIGNANT - profoundly moving; intense

IRASCIBLE - easily angered; irritable

INNATE - possessed at birth; naturally characteristic of

SALUTARY - promoting health; healthful; wholesome

If you'd like to join us:
1. check at the bottom for next Thursday's word lists
2. write a post including all five words in bold.
3. define them at the bottom of your post, story, list...
4. grab a button and link up! (apologies foe the lack of actual linky tools)

Next week's words
mitigate, laconic, tangential, incongruous, gossamer
craven, mollify, odious, assay, harrow


  1. Haha, this is great. I kinda like the Kardashians (haha) but you're right, they really don't do much for society.

  2. Bwahahahaha I feel the EXACT same way about the Kardashians!!! Brilliant.


  3. this is great! my husband is studying for the gre so this will really help him!


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