July 25, 2014

Friday Thoughts

I'm here on my phone with approximately 14 minutes left of my lunch hour. Here are some random thoughts to entertain you (hopefully).

- There was like no line at Dunkin this morning and they got my order right. 4 for you Dunkin Coco!

- Tomorrow is my family Christmas party. Yes, you read that correctly. A real life Christmas in July. My aunt's house is completely decked out. Summer is the only time all 75 of us can get together so tomorrow it is! I'm so excited because it's gonna be a blast, but I can't wait until the planning ends. If you feel so inclined, follow along with our shenanigans on my Instagram or check out #McGuckinXmas. Hopefully no one calls the cops for noise pollution while we carol...loudly...outside.

I'm gonna find a nice Christmas mani to dress my nails today and figure out what all needs to be done for tomorrow.

- I actually have to start my grad applications next week and it's completely terrifying me and making me anxious.

I will combat this anxiety by going to the beach with my friends on Sunday to celebrate my birthday a day early. Yay! This is makes me a little sad because it's almost August and I haven't set foot in the ocean yet this year. Woof, where has the Summer gone?

- Courtney gave me my birthday present 3 days early. I think the suspense was killing her. She really knows me for only knowing me for 7 months. I got a pretty journal and a pack of colored Papermate inkjoy pens (have you seen how smoothly the write?!), some adorable post-it notes and tiny gel pens, a purple double-walled mason jar cup, and MY FIRST ALEX AND ANI BRACELET! Eeep! It's a phoenix so obviously I'm naming it Fawkes.

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