April 28, 2014

The Worst Things in Life

Any other week, I'd be more than happy to split my time between the couch and my bed watching movies and eating pudding all day long. This week is not that week, although I did do all of those things. It's a whole different experience when you've got 4 gaping holes in your mouth and feel like you've been kicked in the face by a donkey wearing ice skates. This is one of the things I'd file under "things I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy" otherwise known as THE WORST THINGS IN LIFE.

Obviously, there are much more horrible things that could happen, like losing a loved one, cancer, car accidents, and missing jets plummeting into the Indian Ocean (still don't understand that). The following list is made up of the kinds of things that make you want to go back to sleep for the day.

The Worst Things (in life):
// when your pen runs out of ink halfway through a sentence.
// stepping into a puddle in socks
// stubbed toes
// hitting every red light when you're running late
// chipped nail polish
// when you order medium rare and your steak comes out well done
// getting your wisdom teeth out
// Walmart shopping carts (or Walmart in general)

If this post is a little to much of a downer for you, you can check out my list from last month when I wrote about the best things in life
What kind of things make you say "that is the worst"


  1. I always get that cart no matter where I am. It's the worst.

  2. Running late and hitting every single red light and then that one song that you can't stand is playing on every single station and it makes you want to scream! (I know that's pretty specific but you get my point :-)

  3. waking up with good hair for once, maybe straightening it because you're in a good hair mood, and then opening the blinds to a torrential down pour. THE. WORST.
    i hope your face is feeling less donkey-in-ice-skates kicked!!

  4. Walmart IS the fucking worst!!!! Ughhhh! Just thinking about that place gives me anxiety! haha

  5. bahaha that Walmart ecard is HILARIOUS

  6. Console yourself - you've now got a life WITHOUT them "wisdom" teeth. Who ever coined that name I wonder? They hurt to come, hurt while they're with you and now you know what happens when they go when THEY don't want to! Am sure you'll feel a lot wiser without them!

  7. It's even worst when pen runs out of ink while giving a test. MOST ANNOYING SHIZ!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  8. How about waking up at 4am, and not being able to go back to sleep knowing you have to wake up early!.. Subscribing now!

  9. Chipped nail polish? YES THE WORST THING IN LIFE!

  10. Hahah I've seen a few of these posts before I think they are so funny! They remind me of first world problems haha!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  11. I stepped in a puddle today and now my shoes, socks and pants are wet- ugh!! I would add having your phone or ipod losing battery or connection!


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