April 27, 2014


Remember how I disappeared for a month? Well, I'm baaaack! Lots of things have happened since I last updated the blog world on my real life. Here's what's happening.

WORK // I love, love, love my job. Courtney and I have finished our training and are waiting for our certificates and raises. We're now starting to have our own appointments for patient emergencies. We can troubleshoot hearing aids and send them out for repair, as well as clean and check them. The old people (pretty much everyone) love us. Oh and Courtney is now on my list of favorite people because we spend all week together and she hasn't gotten sick of me yet.

FAMILY // Lauren turned 21 and Christian left his old band and joined a new one. Lauren, my cousin Britney and I saw Christina Perri in concert, which was ahhhmazing! And my siblings and our significant others all went to brunch with  my parents on Easter.
Christina Perri Electric Factory
ME // I finally got my diploma in the middle of March. I chopped off all my hair and switched my winter wardrobe for spring clothes YES. I also went to 3 Flyers games in a week and drank moonshine for the first time (woof). I also got my wisdom teeth pulled, but you already know that.
short bob haircut

Now that I've got you all caught up, I'm gonna go ice my face now. Peace.


  1. Ah love this post! So glad things are going great for you!!

  2. You're like, really pretty. And I love that new haircut on you. LOVE LOVE.

  3. Hi! Found ya through Noor's place. Love your blog! Your new hair style looks great! Maybe I should get mine cut?! I've got long hair and I'm tired of wearing it up all the time!

  4. LOVE the short hair on you, girl! :D And I'm glad that your job is going so well!! YAYYY!

  5. The short hair looks so good on you! Sounds like a lot of awesome things have been happening :D


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