March 19, 2014

If I Knew I Could Not Fail

HEY GUYS TODAY IS THE DAY. Here I am once again only blogging because there's an awesome linkup to write about. Last week, Jordan wrote a really cool post inspired by her coffee mug. So cool in fact, that I practically begged her to make it a linkup so I could write my own post about it.Good news is that she already thought of it before I asked!

So here it is.  What would you attempt to do if you knew you would not fail?

I'd buy a lottery ticket(and win the Mega Millions)

I'd get married tomorrow.

I'd become a career blogger who actually posts more than once a week and learn to make money off of it.

I'd get my doctorate and open my own audiology practice.

I'd get Kris into grad school at Drexel.
I'd convince Mom-Mom to get hearing aids.

I'd bake blueberry macarons.

I'd audition for The Voice, mainly so I could meet Adam and Blake. They'd love me and I'd win and Carrie Underwood would ask me to go on tour with her. We'd be unstoppable.

When I get bored with that, I'd play Queen Elsa in the Broadway adaptation of Frozen.

I want to know all about what you'd do. So go link up with Jordan!

XO - Monny


  1. I also said i would buy the winning mega millions lottery ticket! stopping over from the link up, love your blog :)

    see ADRIENNE run

  2. I definitely would play the lottery too! I don't know what else I'd do, but hmm now I'll have to think about it! I'd probably try to run a 5k or something, and also open a bagel shop because yum!

  3. Yes please go on the Voice and invite me to come cheer for you and IT WILL BE AWESOME.

  4. Bahahaha... I love your The Voice scenario!

  5. I am loving your idea of going on the Voice. I would love that! I wouldn't mind going on American Idol, or So You Think You Can Dance, too.. And since I'm apparently all kinds of wicked talented, I'd go on The X Factor too, so I could meet Simon Cowell. *sigh* I love him.

  6. I like this post and it got me thinking what I would do if I knew that I would not fail. I think I would ask the questions that I want to ask, but don't for fear of being fobbed off. I would also love to attempt a triathlon, but don't as my swimming really isn't up to much, but if I really couldn't fail I would enter today!


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