July 4, 2013

Hello, July

I've finally finished my summer class, thank the Lord. I don't know how much longer I could've lasted looking at pig intestines and trying not to breathe in the smell of formaldehyde. I ended up getting a B+ in the course, which isn't great, but it's enough to boost my gpa.

As crappy as May was, June was awesome! Here's a little pic recap.

I can't believe my little brother graduated from high school! It's scary to think that just four years ago, I was walking down the same football field, diploma in hand. I thought I knew everything then, I felt so grown up. Good luck, little Buds. I wish you lots of luck in the big world of college.

Just in case anyone's wondering, I'll tell you that this is what Bradley Cooper's parents' house looks like. Yeah, one of the perks of living in Philadelphia is that I get to drive by houses celebrities have built for their parents in the suburbs. We may or may not have driven past twice.

Meadowbrook, PA
The next lovely picture is pf my white-ass legs trying get some color in my aunt's friend's massive backyard pool. It was like a page out of an HGTV catalog, I swear. They even have a zipline. What? There was also a giant snake, but I wouldn't subject anyone to pics of that because of reasons.

This hideous picture of me in the bottom right is what my face looks like when I get on the wrong train from school, don't realize it til the second-to-last stop, and get off with no clue where I am. For the record, I was in West Philadelphia. *cue Fresh Prince reference*

We found a new frozen yogurt place last week, and lemme tell ya, it. was. delish. I made myself a tasty little  of NY cheesecake yogurt with strawberry, blueberry, and mango boba, pie crust corners, kiwi-lime sauce, and rainbow jimmies. Perfection.

All of June was wonderful, but my favorite part was a tie between that day Christina Perri replied to me on Twitter and the day when I won a Vino2Go cup from Lisa over at Two Martinis.

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