June 10, 2013

Hello, Summer!

I went to the beach yesterday!!! You heard me - sand, seagulls, and sunburn in Sea Isle! My pale butt made it down the shore before July for once.

We left around 8:30 after turning around because boyfriend forgot his shirt to change into for dinner. After yelling at him and making fun of him for forgetting his shirt, I quietly realized that I forgot to pack undergarments. Oops, I suck. Thank God I brought a chambray shirt to go with my outfit - it covered everything perfectly (if ya catch my drift).

Once we crossed the bridge over the bay, we stopped for breakfast at The Fractured Prune. This specialty donut shop in Ocean City, NJ has all kinds of delicious sugar-filled confections that no one should ingest that early in the morning. However, we stuffed ourselves and it. was. awesome. I inhaled a strawberry shortcake (bottom left) before digging in on my chocolate bacon donut (bottom middle). Yes, people. That's chocolate AND bacon ON A DONUT.

Every year I'm filled with awe of my first look at the ocean. This year was no different. The weather was gorgeous and the waves were picture perfect.

After lying around for hours, we lugged our stuff off the beach, got changed, and hit up the liquor store before we headed over to Mike's Seafood for dinner. I'm not really a seafood person so I ordered what turned out to be the world's largest eggplant parm. I ate half for dinner and brought the leftovers home. I've already made two meals out of the rest and there's still some left! It was so delicious, but I feel like I'll be eating it forever.

I almost made it out with no sunburn, but noooo, I forgot to reapply sunblock on my feet/ankles. It's a really bizarre looking burn, but I usually come home looking like a lobster so we'll count this as a win.

These day trips down the shore with our friends will be our only hope since neither of our families are going on vacation this summer. I need the seashore like a fish needs water.

 "I need the sea because it teaches me." - Pablo Neruda 

 P.S. - A ton of businesses and homes at the Jersey Shore were wrecked by Hurricane Sandy and they're still struggling to get their lives back to normal.

 Check out #STTS (Stronger Than The Storm) on Twitter and Facebook or on their website to see how you can help out!

XO - Monnny

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  1. DUDE I once had bacon, maple syrup chocolate and it made my life complete. bacon on a donut sounds even better!


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